ContentEd 2019: The Top Five Presentations

The Delete team attended this year's ContentEd conference in Edinburgh. Find out which speakers have made it into our round up of the top five presentations.

While it was Edinburgh’s near-tropical weather that provided the biggest surprise for Amy, Dan and Rich at this year’s ContentEd conference, it was the event itself that really stole the show.

At the city’s stunning Dynamic Earth building, the team were lucky enough to see a host of speakers who presented thorough and engaging sessions, which offered a wealth of actionable insights for higher education content.

Picking a top five has been no easy feat, but after much deliberation, the team managed to select a quintet of sessions we found to be particularly impressive.

#5 Service Design 101: A Beginners’ Guide - Richard Prowse, Head of Digital, University of Bath

Richard Prowse
Service design is a major factor in the higher education digital landscape, so when we saw that Richard Prowse from the University of Bath was presenting his take on this matter, we couldn’t miss out. What stood out was the importance of service design, not only in the higher education sector but in our everyday lives, and the perception that the quality of an organisation’s success to deliver services to its audience, has a massive bearing on their perceptions of that business.

#4 Your Big Content Project has Been Approved, Now What? – Ayala Gordon, Head of Digital, University of Southampton

Ayala's talk was all about a digital transformation project, but from the university's internal point of view. As an agency that tends to be brought in for a specific part of that long-term digital roadmap, this was really interesting for us to see and understand. A key takeaway was that the role of internal comms can be almost as important as the digital transformation itself – as it’s about bringing the university and all its stakeholders along on the journey.

#3 Uncovering Atlantis – A Deep Dive into Data-Driven Storytelling – Cameron Pegg, Content and Storytelling Strategist

Cameron Pegg
During this session, Cameron didn’t just talk about the importance of using data to create compelling content – both in and out of the higher education sector – he presented an array of very impressive data visualisations to back up his points. He then went one step further and showed real examples of how this creative use of data can ultimately lead to less confusion, more effective briefs and an easier overall content process.

#2 Creating Five Star All-Inclusive Social Media Content – Daniel Marrable, Director, 448 Studio Ltd

Dan Marrable
A number of speakers discussed the importance of inclusivity and accessibility in higher education content, but it was Dan’s presentation on this subject which really stood out to us. It was another presentation that gave us tips and processes we can start to action immediately to improve our content – particularly on social media through features like alt text for those with visual impairments.

#1 Developing a University Content Strategy: Six Key Questions – John Ferguson, Head of Content and Channels and Richelle Quinn, Senior Marketing Business Partner, Sheffield Hallam University

What really stood out for us in this talk was the sheer scale of the task to introduce a content strategy for a university with 33,000 students. As Delete is going through similar projects with other universities, it was really valuable to hear firsthand how SHU planned its strategy, what opposition it faced and when the project started to roll out.

For Amy, Dan and Rich, these were five standout presentations from what was a hugely insightful conference. The next step for us as an agency is to start implementing our learnings into the work we produce for our higher education clients day in, day out.

If you’d like to see any examples of our existing work in the higher education sector you can take a look at our case studies here.

All images, excluding the top image, courtesy of Tynesight Photographic Services