How to survive in the modern world of commerce part 2

An insightful post in which our solutions director reveals what it now takes to define and implement a fully optimised, consumer centric digital strategy.

Below is the second part of our checklist of some key items to consider to give your strategy the killer edge with some examples of best practices from across the web.

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4. Are you fully exploiting video?

According to Cisco, online video will account for 82% of web traffic in 2022. Ignore this fact at your peril!

Used correctly, video can draw customers down your conversion funnel and engage users in a way seldom possible with other channels.

Research from Zenith Online Forecasts found the average amount of time viewers spend watching content online is expected to reach 67 minutes a day in 2018, with an increase to 84 minutes a day in 2020.

Wyzowl data revealed 84% of consumers have bought something after watching a video. However, Wyzowl says 75% of consumers have not bought a product because the voiceover annoyed them. 83% had a preference prefer an informal and chatty tone.

Getting the right length of video is important too. Wyzowl claim 50% of consumers believe the right length for an explainer video is 1 minute.

Websites that leverage video convert twice as well as those that don’t, so if you’re not already doing so, now is the time to start taking video seriously.

Video is the best way to showcase product to your online customers and provide users with the knowledge and confidence to purchase. Twitter says video on Twitter is 6x as likely to be retweeted as photos. Video doesn’t need to be fancy or expensive. Simple product unboxings, demonstrations and expert reviews are easy to do with basic equipment and can be very effective.

Mobile watch time for product review videos on YouTube has exploded in recent years. According to Google, close to 50% of online users search for product videos before they make a purchase and 25% of mobile video viewers in the US have visited YouTube for help with a purchase decision while they were at a store or visiting a store’s website. Over 50,000 years of product review videos have been watched on mobile devices over the past two years alone.

Video technology has come along way in recent years and advanced features can now be at the fingertips of digital marketers.

Video platforms such as StreamAMG offer:

  • Fully customisable, HTML5 video players
  • Interactive video capability
  • Support for “shoppable video”
  • Customisable video portals
  • Realtime video feeds to populate websites and apps
  • Live streaming
  • Video advertising

Interactive video provider Wirewax claim shoppable video has a click-through rate of 18.8% and has been used by the likes of Ted Baker and Dulux to deliver highly engaging video that drives conversion.

Interactive video

When a user hovers over a colour a clickable swatch appears and on-click a Pinterest board is shown to show the paint in-situ along with details of the colour and options to buy a tester and share on social.

Pinterest board

The success of Black Mirror’s film Bandersnatch has opened the door to what is possible with interactive video so expect a surge in this type of content in the months ahead. It’s your chance to get in there now and lead the way. It’s not as expensive to achieve as you might think.

If you need support with your video strategy, please get in touch.

5. Are you making life easy for your customers?

Today’s consumers are often time short and are easily distracted by other digital content or notifications, so it’s vital you have a presence where users choose to shop and make your purchasing experience quick and easy.

Marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay are the preferred shopping destination for many consumers so it’s important to have a presence. Google Shopping in particular is experiencing huge growth currently and with Google dedicating top search results to this channel, it’s certainly one to consider. Statistics show that users are clicking on Google Shopping ads more often than going directly to a retailer's site or third-party marketplaces. This trend is particularly prominent with mobile users.

There are many overseas Marketplaces that are under exploited by international sellers so be sure to consider these when creating your commerce strategy.

Linnworks provide this helpful infographic on the biggest marketplaces by continent:

Biggest marketplaces by continent

The UK Governmnt provide further information on international marketplaces at

Once you’ve driven some traffic to your site there’s still lots to do to ensure a frictionless transaction.

Depending on the type of product/service you sell there are different ways to help the customer make the right decision and reduce the likelihood of costly returns:


Independent reviews from existing customers are the obvious one and according to Reevo stats, if a product has 50+ reviews, then conversion rates can increase by 4.6% and an average uplift in sales of 18%.

Delete integrated Feefo reviews in to Safestore via XML

Delete integrated Feefo reviews in to Safestore via XML allowing for a custom design in keeping with their website.

Size guides

Purchasing clothing remotely has a serious challenge in terms of size and fit selection so accurate sizing guides are another way to keep your customers on side. A number of retailers including Pull & Bear have recognised the significance of this and have implemented an interactive size calculator that recommends a size based on your profile.

If you’re offering “Free Returns” then this could significantly reduce your overheads in this area whilst keeping customer satisfaction levels high.

keeping customer satisfaction levels high    keeping customer satisfaction levels high

keeping customer satisfaction levels high    keeping customer satisfaction levels high

Your best fit

eConsultancy have compiled a list of other nice interactive size guide examples:

Virtual changing rooms/mirrors

Emulating the in-store experience is important for certain product types. Glasses are a great example of a product that must be tried on before purchase as it is often not possible to return them once prescription lenses have been fitted.

Oakley have got round this issue by offering a virtual mirror on which you can see an augmented view of yourself wearing different styles.

Virtual changing rooms/mirrors

Guest checkout & flexible payment options

According to Visual Website Optimizer, 28% of users will drop-off if they have to create an account to make a purchase so ensure you offer the ability to checkout as a guest.

PayPal is the preferred payment method for many customers. Offering PayPal Express Checkout gives the customer an opportunity to checkout entirely via paypal without needing to enter address details on your site. I love it when I see this option when I’m purchasing on the move.

6. Is your checkout process optimised?

So you’ve done all the hard work (and spent all the money) attracting and nurturing your customer, only to find they drop off at the final stage of the process and go elsewhere to buy the product.

Ensuring your checkout process is optimised to maximise conversion is often overlooked in a marketer’s commerce strategy, yet offers many quick wins for those who do.

The first thing to do is to walk through the checkout process as your customer would, this will reveal any obvious shortfalls or sticking points. Next, review the analytics of your checkout process and see where your real customers are dropping off. You’ll be amazed what a user who is unfamiliar with your site finds difficult.

Next create a plan to improve the experience and create a test plan to A/B test key elements.

Below are some examples of checkout process best practices for inspiration:

Victoria Plum offer a simple, single page checkout with transparent delivery costs and ability to select your preferred delivery date.

Victoria Plum offer a simple, single page checkout

Molton Brown upsell through a prompt for free gifts and free delivery.

Molton Brown upsell through a prompt for free gifts and free delivery

Rather than displaying generic offers, Curry’s present users with contextual promotions based on what they have in their basket at the time.

Curry’s present users with contextual promotions based on what they have in their basket at the time

Tesco highlight missed deals to drive increased spend.

Tesco highlight missed deals to drive increased spend

Get shoppers to complete their purchase with time limited deals.

Get shoppers to complete their purchase with time limited deals

Predictive type postcode lookup saves multiple clicks finding an address which is great for mobile users in particular.

 Predictive type postcode lookup saves multiple clicks finding an address

7. Chatbots

Chatbots are now becoming a primary means of navigating the web and are becoming increasingly easier to configure.

According to inBenta 80% of companies are expected to have a chatbot by 2020 and banks will automate 90% of their processes by 2022.

Chatbots offer a number of advantages:

  1. Reduce unwanted, repetitive customer service queries
  2. Improve user experience by allowing users to self-serve
  3. Conversion can be increased using checkout bots

Assess your customer journey and common touchpoints to see if a chatbot could enhance the customer experience and save you money. You don’t have to spend a lot on what could offer you a great return.

Delete work with our clients as their strategic partner and have led many through a full digital transformation process. Learn more about our work or get in touch. today to discuss your digital objectives.

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