Sitecore Symposium 2019, Day 3 – The Future Starts Now

Back in November, Delete attended the Sitecore Symposium conference, in Florida. This post provides insight from a presentation delivered on Day 3 by Desta Price, EVP Product Management at Sitecore.

The coverage highlights Sitecore's latest innovations including the launch of Sitecore AI. Desta referenced the exciting developments Sitecore made in 2019, and summarised enhancements made in the winter release.

Specific attention focussed on how their community is shaping the future potential of "the human connection" in this digital age.

Sitecore Experience Platform 9.3

In the winter 2019 release, Sitecore Experience Platform 9.3, Sitecore focused on the following features and improvements.

  1. Enhanced Content Hub & Content Marketing Platform including SFMC (Salesforce Marketing Cloud) integration
  2. Improved Experience Commerce for scale and performance
  3. New editing environment in Experience Platform
Sitecore winter 2019 release


Horizon is the new editing environment in Experience Platform.

After you install Horizon, the Horizon tile appears on the launchpad.

Sitecore launchpad

When you click the Horizon tile on the launchpad, the Horizon module opens in page editor mode.

Horizon includes the following features:

  • The page editor, which you use to create and edit web pages. As you edit a page, you can see how it will appear on different devices.
  • Simulator mode, which you use to preview web pages as they will appear on different dates and on different devices.
  • Insights view, which you use to see analytics for your web pages.

Using a car dealership example Desta walks through adding a new page. By leveraging the new editor she gets through the process of adding a new page for a car really quick, adding descriptions and details about it online, as shown on the photos below.

Horizon editor Horizon editor

The idea of the new editor is that everything is one click away. Sitecore has really focused on the usability of the editor making it intuitive and easy.

Once the new page is created, we can leverage the new simulator. The simulator shows how a page looks on in a web browser, iPad, both rotated and not, so that users can validate what each experience looks like.

Horizon preview Horizon preview Horizon preview Horizon preview

The next thing users would want to do is to see the performance of the page. She used the new page insights which allows you to get detailed page insights, conversion rates, time on page and look at the insights by channel, device type, etc.

Page insights

At the end of the talk, Desta Price also touched on what was released and enhanced in the previous, summer 2019 release.

Sitecore summer 2020 release

Sitecore Experience Platform 9.2

In the summer 2019 release, Sitecore Experience Platform 9.2.0, Sitecore introduced the following features and improvements.

  1. New Content Marketing Platform
  2. Commerce Performance & Scalability
  3. XP & Content Hub Integration
  4. Headless forms

Sitecore focus on customer satisfaction

In both of the latest releases a huge focus has been on customer satisfaction on Sitecore as a product. Sitecore are committed to driving quality of the back end to ensure it provides the best experience so that we can focus on solving our customers business challenges and offer the best experiences possible.

Sitecore will continue to innovate their product based on the feedback they gather from customers and partners. To take advanced of these innovations Desta urges everyone to continue to upgrade to the latest versions of the product.