Championing Autism Awareness Week

It's World Autism Awareness Week 2021 and after an immensely tough year, especially for autistic people and their families, we are celebrating the work that the National Autistic Society does to offer support.

Our CEO Dan Berry has shared his personal appreciation:

“As a proud father of a child on the spectrum, I always look forward to World Autism Awareness Week. It is a great opportunity to help all parts of society become friendlier and more empathetic. I am particularly proud that we’ve helped the National Autistic Society relaunch its website, supporting people and families through diagnosis and beyond.”

At Delete / Kagool, we recognise the need to create not only a physical world but also a digital world that is accessible to, and inclusive of, all people. We helped transform the NAS website, using smart design to champion it as a vital knowledge base and comforting space for its millions of visitors. The National Autistic Society’s website is a vital resource for autistic people and their families. We rebuilt the site on up-to-date Kentico technology, vastly improving the visitor experience and amplifying their e-commerce functionality to generate more donations for the charity. We enhanced the user journey with an intuitive content and navigation structure, designing stimulative interfaces and ensuring that the site is accessible for all audiences.

Autism awareness week 2021

A colour mode switcher activates a calm colour palette across the site at the click of a button, enabling users to comfortably tailor the website experience to meet specific needs. We’ve also ensured that the new Help and Advice section is powered by advanced filtering to offer essential guidance through diagnosis and beyond, incorporating clear, well-structured content that informs rather than overwhelms.

Autism awareness week 2021

We helped transform the autism community section which offers an essential space for users to connect and share experiences using digital in the right way; enhancing the charity’s critical work that contributes to transforming the lives of autistic people, improving the social perception of autism and encouraging action from a supportive audience. We at Delete / Kagool are incredibly proud to have played our part in creating a digital sphere which is inclusive, informative and engaging for all audiences.

Autism awareness week 2021

We understand the importance of creating websites that are properly designed to allow people with disabilities to access and enjoy the full potential of the digital world. We create experiences, without accessibility barriers that can be enjoyed by everyone.

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