Delete & Kagool become certified Content Hub specialists


Sitecore’s shifting focus to content

Sitecore is so focused on the importance and necessity of a strong content strategy, that they now require their partners to be certified Content Hub specialists in order to develop and implement the product. We’re proud to say that, at the time of writing this article, we are one of only six in the UK.

One of the biggest announcements at Sitecore Symposium this year was around Content as a Service - a perceived major shift from Content Management System to Content Delivery Platform.

The product at the centre of this shift is Content Hub, which works through the collaboration of marketing teams creating, modifying and publishing content, while managers create campaigns, manage timelines and continually monitor analytics to ensure their content is performing. CaaS pivots the focus of the Sitecore Experience Platform from building components based platforms to componentising the content. Further features announced in Sitecore 10.1 mean that Sitecore will start to intelligently suggest content to help cover audience segment gaps that haven’t been identified or segments that are poorly addressed.

Sitecore initially focused on the separation of the front and back-end design & build, meaning that the historical dependencies for developers to make changes based on marketers’ needs was removed. Now with CaaS, Sitecore is separating content creation and management from the laborious manual processes associated with updating all your changes directly in the CMS.

Additionally, CaaS establishes much simpler practices of deploying straight from Content Hub to all your brands’ touchpoints (social media, desktop / mobile, app, etc). This allows you to analyse to a greater specificity how your content is performing for your different audience personas. Marketers can drill down further into which content can be improved and which segments are being overlooked / forgotten, and then make changes directly into CH and deploy those changes quicker and more efficiently.

Content Hub: Why the need for specialisation?

Addressing an enterprise-level content marketing strategy is no mean feat; knowing which processes are business-critical versus processes that only add complexity is something that takes teams years to unpick, and finding the most comprehensive and efficient solution that supports all the various team members that play a part in the process is daunting. Even defining the exact structure for setting the content journey and management requires careful research and consideration. 

All these challenges speak to why it’s imperative for agencies to be able to justify calling themselves specialists. Sitecore designed a multi-month engagement programme to enable, train and validate partners as specialised Content Hub implementation partners. In recognising that inadequate DAM processes are stunting brands from reaching their full potential with customers, Sitecore implemented a plan to help boost the learning curve and provide a stronger foundation for customers to take their content marketing strategy to the next level. 

At Delete, our team has completed the training programme and passed assessments set by Sitecore in order to ensure that our solution architects, business analysts and developers can define the requirements and delivery of a sophisticated Digital Asset Management system for your industry. 

Each Content Hub instance must be unique because it is adapted based on the focus of your content strategy. Whether that’s thought leadership, managing recipes, or supporting a deep and complicated catalogue of products.

Blending our decades of Platinum Partner level experience with the skillset of our Content Hub specialised team, we can guide your organisation through establishing a content strategy and creating a bespoke system to manage and serve it in a personalized way.

What you need to consider with Content Hub

Content Hub can be developed to directly support your long-term content strategy goals. Content Hub combines the data that sits behind the scenes and the experience on the surface. Many organisations mistakenly focus more on the surface-level experience rather than ensuring that value to customers starts behind the scenes with a targeted, rigorous strategy. The better an organization’s DAM can manage the personalised content that is needed to drive engagement for each audience segment, the happier customers will be.

We establish the DAM as the engine for serving personalisation, and its set-up determines how well the platform can achieve it. The philosophy behind the set-up of the DAM is to componentise the content and allow for easy deployment to your platform/s and location, addressing each unique customer. This shifts the responsibility of the content creator from stretching their attention across both content creation and page set-up to focusing on generating the best content. This approach increases the quality and relevance of content and results in higher engagement and conversion.  By making the content headless, there are less dependencies, and the talents of team members can be more focused.

sitecore content delivery platform

Designing your content marketing strategy

We see many common pain points for marketing teams:

  • Legacy of messy or unclear processes
  • Analytics not generating actionable insights
  • Lost time tracking down digital assets
  • Reliant on multiple platforms to edit or approve
  • Loss of productivity across the various team members participating in marketing campaigns. 

And we help to streamline each of those processes by defining a taxonomy that supports marketers in managing the digital asset life cycle, from create to publish to optimise.

As we work with our clients on their content strategies, we are seeing Content Hub as the frontrunning solution to best set up and optimise the most valuable content to deliver the most impact to their audiences.

Much like being unable to see the forest for the trees, it’s challenging to take a step back to design an overall strategy when you’re immersed in the day-to-day. For anyone immersed in workflows and designing marketing campaigns, each detail is carefully considered, which makes it difficult to be selective in prioritising and shaping the bigger picture.

That’s where we add real value for our clients. Our team is equipped to uncover the relevant and central themes of your brand which can help drive the best configuration and use of your Content Hub solution.

Plan the best content strategy and pair it with the best DAM technology to propel your brand to the next level.

Contact us to discuss how we can help. We are 1 of 6 UK certified Content Hub partners and we would be happy to organise an intro call with our technical and strategy specialists to see if you’re getting the most out of your DAM solution.