D&AD Award Win for Delete Designer


Here at Delete, we’re immensely proud of the design talent that resides within the agency.

Our staff work hard to hone their skills on all types of design-led projects, but what really sets them apart from the rest is their desire to excel outside of the workplace. We spoke to one of our Designers, Kyriakos Kokkinos, about entering the D&AD New Blood awards, his winning submission, and the design process behind creating an entry for the world-renowned awards.

First of all, tell us a bit about D&AD and what an award like this means to a designer or creative. At its core D&AD is non profit organisation of creative thinkers that got together to celebrate the creative community in design and advertising. It’s been running since 1962 and the Professional and New Blood Awards are among the most praised and prestigious award you can win as a designer at any point of your career (either starting out or an established professional)."

D&AD set a mixture of briefs and you respond to one of them, is that correct? Can you tell us a bit about the initial application process? "The process is quite simple and you first get exposed to it at University. Briefs from well known companies such as Hasbro, Desperados, John Lewis, Adobe and many more get released at around October and span across multiple disciplines including branding, UX and advertising. You are then encouraged to pick the ones that fits you most or the one that you personally think will challenge you in the process."

So you picked ‘Squarespace: The Ultimate Portfolio’. What was it about this particular brief that inspired you? "Last year, before starting at Delete, I promised my Visual Design tutor at University Graham Watts that would at least once try to tackle one of the briefs. At the time of the release of the briefs i felt completely overwhelmed with University work and decided to hold off until things settled down a bit in order to make sure i had enough time at my disposal to focus on the brief.

"The reason I chose the specific one - when I got around to entering - was pretty much because it had everything I was looking for. Squarespace is a minimalist, contemporary brand built around simplicity and I was meaning to create a portfolio concept long before I even touched the brief. I also wanted to prove to myself that I could nail the UX part of the brief."

Tell us about your response; what were your initial ideas/ inspirations and how did you go about executing this?"To be honest, the initial idea came from a frustration of mine. Since the start of my design career I have been fixated with creating simplistic solutions and I have found personally that among juniors this is sometimes deemed as the ‘easy way out’, as some people see it as requiring less time in execution.

"With that in mind, my thinking was to approach this project by finding the most suitable and simplistic solution to the problem that would accommodate the wide target audience of this specific brief (designers).

"I then began to break up the brief into small sections that I could tackle individually in order to create achievable goals. I wanted to make sure I had everything I needed in order to create a good end product."

How many other designers were you up against?"It’s difficult to tell. The briefs are given out to most design students as an exercise at University and you can also still apply up to 2 years after graduation so you can imagine how many individuals you are up against! Competition gets harder every year."

Your New Blood Entry, ‘Apto - A Creative Portfolio Template’ won a Wooden Pencil! Did you receive any specific feedback about your entry?"Unfortunately the judges of my brief were not present in the ceremony that I attended. Having said that I had the chance to talk to some other judges which complimented the design rationale and animations I had implemented in my order."

You can see Kyriakos’ entry in full glory over on his Behance profile, where his entry was featured on the site’s ‘Student Show’.