Kentico 10 Is Out


Kentico 10 release is here delivering many long awaited improvements with a bag full of new features and enhancements. Our developers have picked their highlights of what the new Kentico 10 has to offer.

Speed up of development - Roslyn

Kentico 10 has been integrated with the CodeDom provider which uses Roslyn. It has decreased the first load time of websites by more than 50%.

Here is a great example showing the improvement in first time page load:

(First start time comparison after project rebuild, video speed is 5x)

This new enhancement also gives a faster development time by saving time of all developers who have to restart the site many times a day on their own computers.

Continuous integration (CI)

A long time negative for using Kentico Portal Engine development model has been that much of the code was stored in the database instead of your source control system. This lead to complex & manual deployment process for those changes. This is no longer a problem with Kentico 10.

Now most types of Kentico objects are supported by CI (Macro rules, Media Libraries, Page Aliases, etc). It also allows to exclude individual objects from continuous integration (based on code names for standard objects and alias paths for pages).

We will definitely utilise CI on our future projects.


There is a whole set of improvements & features targeted at marketers:

Highlights of improvements:

  • New and well thought through design for the contact management application
  • More flexible solution for email marketing campaigns
  • Scheduled campaigns giving greater control and better timing of delivery
  • New types of conversions for page visits, form submission, eCommerce, internal searches, etc. thus enabling new options for marketing automation

Enterprise performance

Performance of marketing analytics has been improved to support high-load websites. It has been tested with 100 million contacts, 25,000 concurrent visitors and 1,600 page requests per second. This is a fantastic improvement over version 9, where analytics processing was a common bottleneck.

(Typical previous Kentico 9 performance profile with 1M+ contacts: Web analytics processing taking up most resources and up to 70% response time)

Content management

Kentico 10 delivers a new Responsive images feature it enables a ‘special image upload field’ which addresses the problem of managing multiple versions of an image in different sizes (for example for desktop, tablet, mobile). In the front-end these images can be then embedded into HTML as srcset attribute. This way mobile users won’t be loading large media assets used for the desktop version and this giving real benefits to the user experience and Google Page Speed score.

The form builder interface has also been improved to streamline the form creation process.

MVC complete

Finally, a fully functional set of core APIs is now supported in MVC development model including contact & campaign management, conversion tracking, web analytics and e-commerce; this makes it a much more practical option than before.

Nuget Feed

Sometime ago Kentico launched their own Nuget feed; they published some packages which were huge and there were numerous references between the presentation layer and business layer. In Kentico 10 they have split these packages into smaller ones. This will radically change development process. This also helps Kentico to achieve a cleaner and more organized solution and importantly this is helping Kentico developers to develop in more effective way.

As a Kentico Gold Partner Delete are proud to have delivered many projects with marketing automation, integration and great User Experience, two of which have earnt a place as Kentico site of the months.

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