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Kentico Recognises Delete's Design and Build on Their Platform


Delete are proud to have been recently recognised not just for one - but two recent site builds. Delete’s redesign of the Safestore website saw the agency deliver a new and fully responsive interface for the leading self storage company. In recognition of Delete’s new design work, the site was awarded Kentico Site of the Month in December. In addition to Kentico’s recent honours for 2015, Harris Brushes were honoured for their ‘Never Buy Another’ product microsite, as part of the Best Graphic Design category in Kentico’s Site of the Year nominations.

The design of itself was a simple and intuitive one that presented clear options to the user, with focused navigation to progress through to an enquiry. Delete were also able to deliver a prioritised presentation of store information, facilitating both surface level engagement and deeper exploration. From a UX perspective, Delete created a unique brand layer built around optimising the conversion of users from content consumption to action.

Harris Brushes approached Delete subsequent to creating what they consider to be the best paint brush in the world. They required a website to reflect the care, trust and quality of craftsmanship out of which the brush itself was developed. Harris decided to promote this investment in their product by pushing a lifetime guarantee, meaning any user can restore or replace their brush for life through their website.

Delete were able to create a solution capable of honouring this guarantee via the new website, creating a simple and effective way for users working with Harris’ back office team to ensure requests were fulfilled with ease. In addition, the user is able to purchase their brush on site, with the option of adding a personalised message to the brush handle. Crucially, Delete worked tirelessly exploring the Harris brand’s digital presence, positioning the company as one of premium quality and showcasing how the product could be used to elevate their reputation as Britain’s leading paint brush manufacturer.

In both cases, Kentico was chosen as the preferred platform by Delete, as it allowed for the unbounded creativity that both brands required and deserved, as well as a strong set of content management, commerce and marketing features right out of the box.

Voting ended on the 9th of March for Site of the Year and is announced on the 15th of March 2016.