Space Before The Brand.


Here are some insightful words from our Executive Creative Director, as posted on The Wall- a digital media blog from the publishers of Marketing and Brand Republic.
Here he discusses how digital marketing can fulfil the role in creating a rich environment in which a brand culture can flourish – creating desire before a direct sales push.

“At Delete we’ve coined a phrase – ‘the space before the brand’. For me this is the fertile ground for marketing, by creating a campaign or piece of interactive media that engages the audience before the hard sell. It’s an opportunity to invite your customer into a more neutral space, to explore the values and culture of your brand, often through a campaign but equally as a main site destination.”

Damon Mangos

If you would like to read more: http://wallblog.co.uk/2013/07/05/the-space-before-the-brand-fertile-ground-for-marketing/#ixzz2ZIvrP67s 

The Wall