A New Delete, A New Beginning.


So after a crazy few months of frantic hard work, agreements, disagreements, late nights, scribbling, perfecting, over analysing (you know how it is - when it's your own!), we're finally able to shout about our lovely new website.

As you might have guessed it's not the easiest thing in the world for a digital agency to design their own site. It's a bit like asking a chef to prepare a 5 star cuisine when he gets home from work. We toyed about the right way to approach it for a while and soon came to the conclusion that we had to treat the project just like any other we run through the studio. It couldn't just be a passion project, or something we picked up every now and then, it required some real dedicated effort and focus.


So where did we start?

For us it was pretty simple. Our site had to be about celebrating the work we do - which is creating digital experiences, in many forms for a range of great brands. It had to reflect the quality and unique philosophy we bring to our work; essentially practice what we preach day in day out.
With this in mind we followed our usual practice of defining our site strategy: outlining our vision, objectives, audience and planned approach to deliver this bad boy.

It's not just what you do, it's how you do it

One of our aspirations was to share the strategic thinking and creative processes that go into crafting our work. Historically we've tended to focus on showcasing our final output, but we felt there was real value in telling the story of a project and how we got to these final solutions. This desire led to the thinking behind the case study presentation of our work. Of course this forced us into the difficult process of selecting our favorite projects for inclusion on the new site (cue lots of discussion and tough eliminations).
Our final shortlist was pulled together after much debate and the hard graft of sourcing all the files and perfecting each story began...

UX: Tell The Story

When presenting the agency and our work to people we always attempt to take them on a journey, which typically involves a walk through of our work, how we go about it and then who we are. For us the site needed to reflect this pattern and needed to be structured in a way that allows users to easily move through each area in a linear fashion - giving us the ability to control the story we are telling. 
The use of sticky page navigation and seamless page loading help to create that desired experience.

Design: High impact & Highly Crafted

Our guiding principle for the site's design was that the brand and interface layer had to quietly support the high impact content we wanted to champion. Maximising the use of full canvas page layouts and limited navigation allowed us to achieve this, whilst ensuring the experience could be easily optimized for tablet interaction.

With the case studies we wanted to use the look and feel of the projects themselves to create the design themes of each. This ensures every case study has it's own identity and charm.

The Agency and Services areas are designed to give a flavour of who we are and a peek into some of the principles, processes and techniques we've developed over the years - without getting into the boring detail.


Technology: Prototyping from the outset

Before we'd even looked at the UI design we'd developed a fully working prototype in the browser to define our site architecture, responsive grid, content flows and interaction behaviors. This meant we could test ideas in context pretty much as fast as we could come up with them. A great luxury when you're working on your own website!

We applied the same methodology to our mobile version which we decided fairly early on would be focused on providing a lighter version of the site’s content with easy access to contact information.


Where we ended up

We love where we got to and we hope you do too. We feel the site represents Delete in the best possible way and is a true reflection of what it is we love to do. Happy viewing, scrolling, playing and clicking.

And we're not done..

Such is the beauty of this ever-evolving medium we work in we're never quite finished. So make sure you keep coming back as we've got some more stuff bubbling away.