When Two Agencies Combine.


Over the last three years we have been trading with two brands in the market – fuse8 in Leeds and Delete in London, while operating as one single agency. This has been a little confusing in new client presentations to say the least.

We are happy to announce that from Tuesday 2nd July 2013, we will be operating under a single brand - Delete. 

We are excited about what this consolidation of two great agencies will bring. It will give us a new level of clarity and focus to what we do while increasing the value we can deliver for our clients.

Delete has a strong heritage in creative excellence in the UK digital industry, attracting both great clients and exciting talent. We felt this was the best and most recognisable agency brand to drive us forward to achieve our goals of being one of the UK’s leading digital agencies. 

In conjunction with our re-brand, Delete has a new proposition; something we're calling Digital Experience Creation. 

In the lead up to this new chapter, we had to really think about what we do and what we offer as an agency. It’s not just websites, digital campaigns, mobile apps and digital strategies; these are our outputs, our products. In isolation they don’t reflect the full breadth of what we do. 

Digital experience creation embodies a philosophy and a way of working – it covers our collective experience, knowledge and unique vision we bring to every project. It’s our methodology. It’s how we solve problems – a fine balance of strategy, user-centric design and technology. 

We don’t simply want to make things when our clients ask us to. We want to help them understand what they need to create in the first place – and then help them create something beyond their expectations, working in partnership.

That for us is Digital Experience Creation. 

If you'd like to know more, we would love to come see you; to take you through these exciting new changes and discuss how we can help to transform your business.