Delete use data analysis, customer insights and business intelligence to deliver results through content, website and UX enhancements.

Through data insights, we are able to understand key areas that require improvement, providing a test and monitor approach to help increase the conversion rate.


Initially we carry out in-depth data analysis and insight gathering which allows us to identify the actions that will have the greatest impact, and prioritise these accordingly. 


After creating the list of actions, we develop and test different solutions to be run using various different methods, allowing us to measure the value that this change has made against chosen goals.

When running tests, it’s key to measure and draw insight from these, making any additional amends or changes based on the data from the test being run. At Delete we run a test, measure, evolve approach, which ensures that we can improve the conversion rate as much as possible, before changes are rolled out to live.

Our approach ensures that we deliver value to our clients through increased conversion rates and conversions for selected goals.

What we do
  • A/B Testing
  • Multivariant Testing
  • Personlisation
  • Data Analysis
  • Heat Mapping
  • UX Design
  • User Testing

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Paul Goonoo Head of CRO & Data
Gregg Turner Head of Performance Marketing

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