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PPC Agency.

The agency behind 'Public PPC Campaign' and 'Public Sector PPC Campaign' awards for great brands in the higher education, sport, property and other sectors.

Google & Microsoft Partner.

Our PPC (or pay per click) management services focus purely on return on investment through well crafted campaigns. All activity is carefully planned, implemented, monitored and optimised to ensure it returns value for our clients and delivers on objectives.

Our team of PPC experts are 100% Google Ads & Microsoft Advertising certified, meaning that every member of our team is up-to-date with the latest features and improvements paid search, shopping, display, remarketing, and YouTube.

What Makes Us Different?

Over the past ten years we have worked collaboratively with a variety of brands and businesses on their PPC campaigns, nationally and globally. The strength of our relationship and commitment to our clients has helped to ensure everything we have delivered has been built on a solid strategic foundation with clear business and digital objectives at the heart. This has enabled us to deliver a broad range of successful paid search, display, remarketing, YouTube and social ad campaigns that have improved the performance of digital media buying work streams as well as providing an improved return on investment for the businesses.

Our Agency Approach to PPC.

Our approach

We focuses firmly on delivering more conversions, more sales leads and more revenue for less spend.

No guesswork, measurable

Only measurable, accountable and flexible management and focus on actual conversions.

Insights around the clock

We monitor the performance of your ads around the clock and optimise key metrics that matter.

Stop, start, pause, test

We tweak your ads, try new search terms, test new products, and optimise based on results.

Right place, right time

Paid marketing strategies with every aspect of the funnel in mind. Reaching the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

Award-Winning Agency.

Our flair for delivering outstanding results through exhaustive strategic planning has received the following recognition:

  • 'Best Use of Search - Third Sector' at UK Search Awards 2019
  • 'Public Sector PPC Campaign' at the DRUM Search Awards 2018
  • 'Best Pan European Campaign' at European Search Awards 2018
  • 'Best Use of Search' at European Search Awards 2018

PPC Services.

We offer paid advertising services across search and social platforms, taking a scientific approach to deliver the best possible return on your investment. Take a look at a selection of our services below, or get in touch to discuss your requirements.

  • Digital Marketing Strategy.

    We have developed and tested a number of digital marketing processes to ensure we can deliver successful outcomes for every one of our clients. This includes working tirelessly to identify trends, seasonality and macro events to develop media plans and strategy.

  • Paid Search Ads.

    Specialists in running high performing Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising (formerly knowns as Bing) campaigns across Search, Display and Shopping, our team uses a combination of technology and creativity to gain increased visibility and more sales, continuously lowering CPA.

  • Display Advertising.

    Leverage machine learning for audience targeting and advertising your business through Google Display Network (GDN) and other display platforms. We have tested many different audience targeting options. Custom Audiences allow us to feed the algorithms interests, demographics and competitors pages, to teach them about our audience. Smart Display campaigns allow us to feed the algorithms your landing pages and build an audience based on your content.

  • Video Advertising.

    Video advertising on YouTube and Facebook can have a phenomenal reach and results. Cost per Video View on both YouTube and Facebook is astonishingly low compared to most display options. We can produce live footage and animated videos with text annotations to promote your products or services. We run video ads to prospecting and remarketing audiences.

  • Paid Social Advertising.

    We help businesses reach their target audience through social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Snapchat.

  • Remarketing.

    Make more of your existing website traffic by displaying adverts to people who have previously visited your website whenever they visit sites on the Google Display Network (GDN), browse YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or LinkedIn.

  • Shopping Ads.

    Whether it is Google Shopping or Facebook dynamic ads, our expert team will drive higher conversion rates and more profitable CPAs even in the most competitive Shopping sectors.

  • Feed Optimisation.

    Feeds are mission-critical for shopping advertising. Optimisation of your feeds makes it easier for Google to use your information in the best way, improving your overall visibility and conversions.

  • Google Ads Scripts / API Integration

    Google Ads scripts can be used to build custom solutions to real business challenges. Our unique agency set-up gives the PPC team access to over 65 technical engineers who are skilled scripting experts, helping create custom scripts or Google Ad API integrations for clients, which helps enhance the Ad platforms.

  • Landing Page Experience Optimisation.

    Google Ads rewards advertisers whose campaigns offer great user experience by assigning a higher quality score, triggering higher ad rank and lowering CPC. If a landing page is highly engaging, converting and relevant to the ad copy and the search query each click will cost less and be more profitable. Our Customer Experience and Marketing specialists work alongside our PPC managers to craft new ways to engineer improved user experience on landing pages.

  • PPC Audit.

    Find out how well your existing campaigns are performing, how they compare against competition, and where the opportunities for growth and improvement lie.

  • Contact Us to Find Out How We Can Help You.

    As an experienced PPC agency we appreciate that every client will have individual needs to help ensure the best results - so if you’d like to find out what we can do for your contact us today.

Leeds Beckett University

We have managed UK digital media buying for Leeds Beckett university since 2012. Having taken over multiple channels and mediums from other agencies we were eager to prove ourselves and help the university to grow the recruitment pipeline and maximise conversion. Registrations achieved from paid campaigns increased by 220% and media spend has remained unchanged. Cost per registration decreased by 71.93% and is now less than a third of what it used to be when we started.

McCarthy & Stone

Our target for the campaign was to deliver a 6% increase in leads in 12 months, operating with a lower media budget and in a tough market environment, particularly in the last two years. We delivered +1,030.83% over our target KPIs in sales leads with a lower media spend. ROI calculation shows that for every £1 the client spend on our management service they make £903 in revenue and £66 in profit.

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