Programmatic Display

Programmatic display campaigns are a smarter, more effective way of reaching prospective customers, with solid user insight at its core. With hyper-targeted programmatic display campaigns, Delete can help you achieve a greater return on your ad spend.

At Delete, we extract maximum value from your campaigns with measurable and visual ads; ads driven by audience behaviour and customer journeys that carry out real-time bidding and trafficking.

Audience Insights

Delete’s dedication to understanding audience insight first means we can maximise profitability and scalability of programmatic campaigns. With years of experience in data science, we identify audience behaviours and build granular audience segments. We do this by understanding the profiles of your existing customers to create a scalable and cost-effective way of attracting a similar audience. 

Ad Creatives

Programmatic display campaigns are only as effective as the quality of the creatives used. Delete works closely with your internal brand team or creative agency to create and implement multiple creative variations, to ensure the right message reaches the target audience.

Performance Marketing

Delete focus on those in-market metrics that are most meaningful for brand lift. Performance of programmatic display campaigns relies on optimisation of metrics that also have a causal impact on your goals.

Our decisions to improve results are data-driven and made in real-time to ensure we create high-performance programmatic ads to return a positive ROI for our clients.

What we do
  • Audience Segmentation
  • In-depth Customer Insights
  • Cross-channel Targeting
  • Data-driven Performance Marketing
  • Ad Placement Optimisation
  • Cross-device Targeting
  • Granular Analysis & Reporting

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