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Transforming the CX for UK legal firm

The real standout feeling for us has been Delete / Kagool's understanding of Sitecore. They'd sold us on their expertise from the beginning, but they really proved it and exceeded our expectations. Delete / Kagool have helped us to take control of our digital strategy.
Simon Russell
Commercial Director, Burges Salmon

An assertive digital presence

We’ve partnered Burges Salmon, a leading UK independent legal firm since 2015 to deliver a future-focused digital strategy that positions the firm as a beacon of digital innovation in the legal sector. We’re on a programme of constant digital improvement, identifying how the business can effectively harness Sitecore to boost ROI and to deliver a customer experience that raises the bar. 

Training and Implementation

We’re upgrading to Sitecore 10, hosted on the future proofed landscape of PaaS Azure with a migration to Solr Search for a cost effective, better search performance. We’re delivering personalisation training to skill up the marketing team, ensuring they can fully exploit the power of this Sitecore functionality to take their customers on an ever-more bespoke digital journey. 

Implementing Sitecore best practice

Our initial Sitecore implementation provided a solid foundation for Burges Salmon’s digital presence, driving lead generation and, critically, allowing an easy evolution into Sitecore 10. With our current project, we’re excited to be maximising their investment, unlocking a portfolio of powerful new features such as content personalisation, A/B & MVP testing and marketing automation. An evolution rather than an upgrade that will deliver a better CX for Burges Salmon’s internal teams as well as their customers with a more efficient Sitecore backend.


  • Overall sessions increased by 143%
  • Mobile sessions increased by 243%
  • Returning visitors increased by 78%
  • Average time on page increased by 68%
  • Organic search sessions increased by 155%

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