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Caffè Nero US Website.

Bringing the premium European coffee experience to the U.S.
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Premium UK coffee Brand Caffè Nero launched its first store in Boston, USA. We were tasked with creating a new, modern, responsive website to drive brand awareness and engagement around Caffè Nero's authentic, premium Italian coffee offering in this new market.

Our solution had to be responsive with a mobile first approach to ensure people on the move were delivered a seamless site experience and could intelligently locate the store(s) on the move.

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Caffè Nero

User Experience.

Our research found that over 65% of the target audience browsed the web on their smartphone or tablet – with this trend increasing every year. A simple to use, well-structured site, optimised for multiple screen resolutions and devices, was at the core of our UX approach. The site delivered a combination of utility (store locator and menus) and brand story – with users able to dig deeper for more content about the brands philosophy, people and love of all things coffee.

Visual Design.

Creatively, the responsive website has been designed as a fluid single page and introduces customers to the brand's European cafe culture through a powerful full screen image approach. This enabled Caffè Nero to showcase the unique styling and feeling of their coffee houses in a elegant and confident manner to a new audience.

Caffè Nero Website
Caffè Nero Website
Caffè Nero Website
Caffè Nero Website

"We were looking for a simple but impactful approach that felt elegant, premium and focused. It's easy to say a lot and waffle, hard to say a little and only what counts - we have come from wanting to say everything and cram our site full of information, into crafting a site that led on visuals and little copy. Delete pushed this through all the way and made us think differently and we couldn't have done it without them."

- Karen Kidd, Head of Brand, Caffè Nero