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Carter Jonas

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  • 2018

Best in industry.

From the very outset, Carter Jonas had ambitions to develop the best website in the property industry, appointing Delete because of our vast experience in this sector. They needed to redefine their approach to digital, better reflect their market position and attract and convert a higher proportion of sales leads. We designed and developed a first class user experience, an intuitive property search functionality and implemented features to drive overall conversion whilst really setting them apart from their competition.

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best in industry best in industry best in industry

A personalised experience

Given the wealth of services that Carter Jonas offer, personalisation was key to our strategy for delivering a best in class experience. The site responds to returning visitors with content tailored to their particular history on-site and their profile information captured off-site and stored in the CRM, prioritising services that are relevant to their needs. Geographical personalisation enables the site to return relevant content such as featured properties and local office contact details, getting relevant information to the user quicker and encouraging a quicker conversion.

Market appraisal forms, offer forms and other calls to action are pre-populated with profile information, creating a smoother user experience and leading to a decrease in the overall abandonment rate.

Enabling Discovery.

We developed an alternative Property Wizard that intelligently serves comprehensive and intuitive results based on a set of simple questions. This was developed to cater for audiences who weren’t 100% sure what they were looking for, with the questions prompting considerations around multiple topics.

A site reflective of brand.

Carter Jonas itself is an established brand and the new website needed to reflect this. We worked closely with Carter Jonas’ brand guidelines to create a set of digital design rules that expanded on their current guidelines for a digital platform. Key to the design was the use of colour to define key sections of the site, this needed to be clean, clear and simple to allow properties to remain the focus.

best in industry
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SEO Innovation

It was imperative that the Carter Jonas website was given the best opportunity to perform with the search engine results pages (SERPs); so we created customised SEO landing pages which became part of the natural customer navigation path. Page performance was optimised to achieve high scores in Google PageSpeed Insights tool.

Seamless data flow

It was of the utmost importance that the website would be integrated with business critical systems. Carter Jonas uses four core 3rd party systems; Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Reapit Cloud, Agency Pilot and Hireserve. We needed to be able to transit data from all four places for a seamless flow of information. We used an intermediate API integrate with Microsoft Dynamics CRM; at the point of user authorisation or form submission on the website, the customer information - along with a full user profile - is transmitted to the CRM. On the other hand, information about customers gathered over the phone or at a branch and stored in the CRM is transmitted into Sitecore to power additional personalised functionality in My Carter Jonas logged in account.

Capture, convert, retain

Fundamental to the success of the project was to increase the volume of enquiries and market appraisals. Here, we developed a, clear approach to market appraisal requests, helping to better facilitate the overall process by providing all users with more relevant information in a highly streamlined way. Our solution provides the ability for Carter Jonas to track all sales leads, customer preferences, site searches and many other on-site engagement, giving them a competitive advantage in what is a very crowded market.


increase in Online market appraisal enquiries


Increase in overall site conversion rate


increase in Pre-Qualified Telephone enquiries

best in industry Delete’s expertise in the property sector, combined with their approach to both design and delivery of our site, fits perfectly with our core objectives for this project. Their approach has helped us develop a platform which clearly addressed and solves the needs of the end user and, working in partnership, we will continue to evolve our customers’ online experience and offer a market-leading service. best in industry

Daniel Fulbrook
Head of Digital Marketing