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Customer Engagement Strategy and Website Creation.
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  • 2012 - 2014


Crest Nicholson is a leading UK residential property developer with an emphasis on building premium homes in sustainable communities.

Crest Nicholson wanted to redefine their digital strategy to reflect their premium product offer, and attract and convert a higher proportion of prospective homebuyers.

Over a three-year period Delete developed a complete customer engagement strategy and new website platform built on Sitecore, along with a series of digital marketing initiatives focused on driving qualified inbound enquiries leading to home sales. We helped the property developer transform their digital business by increasing customer enquiries by more than 70%, resulting in record financial performances.

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An experience to reflect the scale of the customer’s purchase.

At the core of our digital strategy was the belief that the Crest Nicholson website had to be the central hub for all marketing activity. It needed to be a destination that reflected the premium qualities of the brand and one which offered a rich experience of the product - far beyond the standard property portal experience that customers were used to. With this insight, we developed a customer engagement strategy focused on providing an unparalleled experience of the home buying process, from early consideration right through to purchase.

Our approach was to create a powerful digital marketing platform that allowed Crest Nicholson to promote their developments and homes in a way that no one in the market was doing at the time.


Catering for multiple states of customer interest.

The User Experience (UX) of the site was built to offer tailored experiences matched to multiple customer considerations and purchasing states. For the casual browser, the site delivered a high impact visual experience that would inspire them to see the purchase of a Crest Nicholson home as a life changing opportunity. For the deeper explorer, the site provided detailed information and tools to help them compare, evaluate and refine choices. Underpinning all of this was the ability to easily make contact, enquire and book viewing appointments.

Whether a prospective customer accessed the site on Desktop, Tablet or Mobile, it would deliver focused pathways for them to find, explore and review homes. The simplicity of the UX ensured users could easily move from high level content through to detailed information when needed.

Crest Nicholson website wireframe Crest Nicholson website wireframe

Creative Approach.

A visually inspiring design.

The driving force behind our creative approach was to deliver a rich visual experience for the customer that would champion the stunning photography of Crest Nicholson’s developments and homes.

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Taking an influence from editorial design we wanted to ensure every development felt unique in its content and presentation. The landing pages were designed to tell the story of the development in a memorable way, focusing on emotive imagery and messaging with clear call to actions to explore homes.

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Full integration with one centralised Sitecore platform.

We brought all of Crest Nicholson’s microsites onto one centralised Sitecore platform which integrated with property portal feeds Rightmove and Zoopla, with COINS (CRM and product information management system) and with Active Directory. We also enabled Crest Nicholson’s marketing team to fully manage the process of creating content - from creation to final approval to publishing on the live website.

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Customer Acquisition.

We worked with Crest Nicholson to increase their online visibility through a combination of SEO and Paid search strategy including a Google AdWords campaign which delivered greater results than any of their previous campaigns.

Thanks to Delete, Crest Nicholson gained a competitive majority of the paid search market share, turning their campaigns into a brilliant source of leads which catapulted Crest Nicholson to be a leader in the digital arena for the housing industry.



The new website has enjoyed a significant increase in traffic and revenue since the relaunch - boasting some impressive statistics.


Over 240% increase in revenue from Google AdWord campaigns over a two-year period.


Over 70% increase in inbound enquiries (conversions) through the website from organic traffic.


Average cost per inbound enquiry (conversion) nearly 190% lower.