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  • 2015


Delete were approached by Cox Automotive to provide an immersive internal global career portal. As a leading automotive services company, with nearly 24,000 employees in over 150 locations worldwide, their businesses include Autotrader, and Manheim. Due to Delete’s successful delivery of previous digital solutions for Manheim and NextGear Capital UK - we were Cox Automotive’s first port of call for this exciting new project.

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The Brief.

Delete were tasked with branding, designing and building an online career portal that enabled all employees of Cox Automotive to explore global career options. The platform needed to encourage greater visibility of opportunities across the business, allowing users to promote their skillsets and apply for short and long term vacancies, whilst allowing recruitment managers to view and manage applications. There was also a requirement to enable users to share and discuss content, collaborate with others and learn about Cox Automotive’s global presence.

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& Strategy.

Our overarching goal was to inspire a new global mindset within the Cox Automotive organisation. The focus was on delivering something memorable that was a joy to use, a slick user experience that encouraged regular employee interaction. After meticulous work on naming and branding, the ‘Driven’ portal was conceptualised to connect the group and provide a platform that opened up new possibilities for Cox Automotive staff.


Creating a sticky user experience was paramount to the success of the project. Each region within Cox Automotive already had their own intranet with limited functionality. Driven needed to stand out - be easy to use and create genuine excitement within the business.

The platform is designed to promote career opportunities that are relevant to individual’s profiles, as well as providing an internal search function for businesses to find suitably skilled staff for specific roles within the organisation. Different user roles were specified and set to allow recruitment staff to manage the application process according to their permissions, whilst sending email notifications to applicants.

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Visual Design.

A collaborative platform to unite employees across the globe.


We developed a completely new brand identity for the portal, creating a fresh and dynamic visual style that provides stand out from other intranets within the business. The branding approach reflects the concept of collaboration and ‘joined-up’ working, whist try to create an aspirational feel to encourage travel and working abroad.

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The portal also encourages employees to collaborate and share experiences, creating efficiencies across the varying businesses that sit under the main Cox Automotive brand.

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Delete have also worked with the Cox Automotive team to begin to set out a launch plan along with a year long communication strategy. This includes ongoing creative campaigns that are designed to encourage regular interaction with the site and foster collaborative discussions.


The solution works seamlessly across all mobile and desktop devices so that users can access and use the site at anytime or in any place. This was a critical requirement for the solution, to allow a fully inclusive experience to all users.

There are multiple integration points that enhance the user’s experience, such as Linkedin integration, which allows users to retrieve and display their profile information on the Driven site. Content from different sites is pulled in via an API to allow for quicker content generation. The site also calculates a user's location and time zone and presents information accordingly.

The chosen Content Management System for the portal was the Umbraco platform. Umbraco gave the best mix of easy to use content management as well as the inbuilt functionality to handle complex content tagging whilst allowing a slick and manageable front end experience. The portal was then rolled out to the Azure platform to allow scalability and flexibility around the amount of active users that the portal could handle at any one time. This allowed for the staged rollout process that was key to engagement within Cox Automotive.

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