Expedia Luggage Tags.

Social campaign activation - now with airport codes.
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  • 2012
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To socially activate Expedia’s new above-the-line luggage tag brand campaign we created an engaging Facebook campaign application that enabled users to create their own travel messages to share with their friends and be in to win.

The UK campaign almost doubled Expedia UK’s Facebook fan base, received over 4,000 competition entries, and had a Page Reach of over a million at it’s height.

Following on from this success the campaign was rolled out in France, Germany & Denmark.


To socially activate the new above-the-line luggage tag brand campaign created by Ogilvy to:

  • Extend reach and engagement.
  • Drive Facebook fan acquisition.
  • Create a positive experience for the audience and bring the message to life in a fun way.
  • Foster brand loyalty and ensure Expedia is top of mind when consumers are booking flights & hotels.


Giving Facebook fans an outlet of creative expression about travel.

We created an engaging Facebook campaign application that challenged users to create their own travel messages using only airport codes from around the world. Sharing their message with friends was incentivised with the chance to win their dream holiday with Expedia.

The application was developed with multi-lingual capability so that it could be utilised in multiple markets and using responsive web design techniques to make it accessible on desktop, tablet & mobile.

To support this we created digital campaign assets for social outreach, PR & paid media which were used to stimulate online campaign awareness.

“Getting the message authoring experience as simple and as fun as possible for the user  was paramount. We crafted this element technically and visually to deliver instant visual feedback  and enable user creativity.”

- Damon Mangos, Creative Director.


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Mass awareness offline, deep engagement online.


The Facebook fan base had almost doubled from 25,000 to over 48,000.


Over 4,000 users entered their luggage tag messages in the competition.


At it’s peak the Expedia.co.uk brand page had a reach of over a million Facebook users.

Following on from this we replicated the success of the campaign with Expedia offices in France, Germany & Denmark.