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  • 2015


IAMS have long been one of Europe’s best known pet food brands and world leaders in providing healthy, nutritional food options that cats and dogs love. Delete were tasked with creating a new look and feel for IAMS digital platform that reflect the brand’s ideals as well as promoting the quality of their products.

This also involved working closely with the IAMS’ development team, ensuring designs were both visually impressive and handed over with clear and detailed descriptions as to their intended effect. Delete also worked collaboratively throughout the development stage to ensure the integrity of the designs.

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IAMS planned to re-launch their multi-lingual consumer facing website on Sitecore, whilst still retaining all existing content from the previous site. Whilst this site would still showcase all current IAMS offerings, it was essential to create a site flexible enough and capable of accommodating diverse and dynamic plans for additional content in the future.

IAMS wanted to re-position themselves as a valued content provider and touch base for pet health advice. This required a solution that would act as a central hub for varied content.

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UX Strategy.
& Strategy.

Research showed us that pet owners were more likelyto purchase products from specific manufacturers if they had first researched useful educational content. We created a platform that would allow the client to fully showcase new content, helping to drive traffic around key issues and maximise conversions through product promotion.

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UX & Visual Design.

The website was designed to cater for varying browsing modes. For those who knew what they wanted, we created an easy-to-use navigation signposting users to content and products quickly.

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For users who were unsure about what they required, we designed a diagnostic tool to ask numerous questions in order to recommend a suitable product for their pet. This will also help drive personalisation across the website, ensuring we can promote relevant products and articles based on the customer persona held in Sitecore.

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We completely overhauled the visual design of the website, providing a fresh new look that emphasises the emotional human connection we have with our pets. We utilised high quality photography and created varying visual elements to enable content to stand out, creating a visual experience that is faithful to the principles of the IAMS brand.

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Collaborative Working.

We worked with IAMS development agency, based in Germany, to help implement the new site in Sitecore. Delete were responsible for a full UX/Design handover, solution definition and covering the overall management of the project. Our team were able to facilitate a smooth collaborative process during development, resulting in a very happy client.