Just Eat Website Redesign.

Find it, choose it, order it, eat it!
  • Year
  • 2012


Just Eat is Europe’s most successful online takeaway ordering service, facilitating over 300,000 orders every day.

The website links local takeaway businesses with hungry customers, providing an online ordering tool. Rapid market growth and investment had led to the business requiring an entire overhaul of their online offer. Delete guided the client through a comprehensive research and strategy phase, delivering a revitalised user experience and a market leading web presence.

The Brief.

Our brief for the new website design was to :

  • Deliver a speedy intuitive user experience that offers a true alternative to ordering by phone.
  • Establish Just Eat as the market leader.
  • Revitalise the brand.
  • Increase conversion from order creation to online Payment.
  • Increase average order value.
  • Increase frequency of a customer’s orders.

Research & Insight.

Hungry people have no patience.

Through consumer research and live focus groups we established our key insights:

  • Hungry people are not patient. The customer experience must appear quick and easy.
  • Keep it local - customers only care about what's close by.
  • Provide feedback - Ensure customer food reviews are encouraged and clearly displayed.
  • Build Trust - Promote the positive reasons for ordering online over telephone throughout the site. experience.

User Experience.

The creation of a customer focused site experience.

Our primary goal throughout the UX phase was to design a customer experience that required a minimal level of thought from the user. From progress trackers to instant feedback we wanted to ensure the user was always clear what to do next. Everything on the screen had to have a purpose, and all page clutter was removed.

We focused on reducing the amount of steps required to search, order and pay for food. A new user journey was developed that consolidated all required actions into 5 simple steps.

By creating the information architecture and a full interactive prototype we were able to test the solution with our focus groups and continuously improve it throughout the UX phase.

Creative Concepts.

Some early explorative work we trialled with our customer focus group

We developed a number of creative routes based on our UX strategy. Through a collaborative concept phase we worked closely with the Just Eat team and their customers to develop a single creative route.

The Creative.

Website User Interface Designs.