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A revolutionary strategy and responsive website.
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  • 2016


Driven by the university’s name change and evolving position, Delete were approached to deliver a digital-led communications strategy and redesign of their student focused website.

Our main objective was to create an exceptional digital experience which would positively reflect the university's position in an increasingly competitive sector. As part of a wider strategic and organisational shift, we defined our mission statement for the project:

To attract and convert an increased number of applicants to study at Leeds Beckett University, by delivering a more focused experience of the educational services on offer from the first digital engagement to enrolment.

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LeedsBeckett University Website Look
The Brief

Changing Perspectives.

First and foremost, our goal was to attract and convert high quality undergraduate and postgraduate students. We were also asked to deliver personalised content to all users, as well as a seamless experience across all devices.

The critical challenge in the brief was the existing CMS; it had become unmanageable and outdated, with hundreds of microsites being independently managed across the University.

Our aim was to reduce the amount of microsites across the University and consolidate this down into a unified digital platform with a consistent brand language and multi device user experience. We needed the website to deliver on student recruitment goals, while also working for other stakeholders, such as research bodies, funders and businesses.


Evolving The Student Journey.

The primary focus of our digital strategy was simple: make the new website as easy as possible for prospective students to find and engage with course information and drive enquiries and open day registrations.

To combat an outdated CMS we selected the technology platform Sitecore to improve the content management process. Using Sitecore, we could make it easier for all users to navigate through content relevant to them.

The development of technology allowed us to personalise the website to individual users based on their geographical location and their session behaviour. This enabled the website to gather insights around the users and utilise those to build a rich database that helps the University plan Marketing activities and strategy for coming years.

Research Selection
Results Clearning
Visual Design

Our Creative Approach.

It was important to us that the site look inspirational; our aim was to entice prospective students with the use of rich, engaging photography, while making sure the mobile site was responsive and quick to load.

Through considered use of imagery, typography and colour, we established digital brand guidelines with clear and consistent information hierarchies, something distinctly lacking from the old site.

LeedsBeckett University Design
Visual Design

Made For The Go.

Ease of navigation is of paramount importance, even on smartphones. So, to ensure this, we reduced site speed depth to a maximum of four levels deep. Keeping all devices in mind, we also simplified the navigation for those with smaller screens by implementing an off-canvas, staged global navigation.

+ 275.60%

course applications from mobile devices


A Personalised Platform.

With the use of The Sitecore Digital Marketing Suite we were able to personalise the site to individual users. Using MaxMind, we display personalised messaging to visitors from China and India - two of the university’s biggest markets for international students. In addition, we used Sitecore profile cards to display tailored messaging, imagery and calls to action based on the subject interest and study type of every unique visitor.

+ 161.08%

returning UK visits to Subject pages

+ 89.94%

returning UK visits to PG/UG pages

+ 21.98%

returning non-UK visits to International students pages

LeedsBeckett University Design

Ranking Highly.

To ensure all pages and content were optimised for the best search results and personalised for the best user intent, we implemented light graphics and a responsive design.

We then identified key landing page content which allowed us to enhance core topics for each page, positively influencing their organic rankings. Once this content was put in place, we implemented schema.org markup across the Leeds Beckett website, meaning we could mark this content for rich search results.

+ 41.47%


+ 618.51%



Making A Buzz.

We developed a live map to plot the addresses of past enrolments, prospects gathered at educational fairs and open day registrations to completely change our geographical targeting in all PPC and remarketing campaigns.

The mapping allowed us to prioritise locations to advertise to, while allowing Leeds Beckett to explore potential reasons for low enrolments within certain areas. Delete delivered more precise audience targeting, lower cost per click, and a higher volume of leads. The map also helped to inform offline advertising spend.

+ 57%

To total traffic of PG events pages.

+ 691.67%

increase in traffic to Clearing section.


Delete have been instrumental in helping us deliver our vision of delivering a seamless experience with personalised and contextualised information in the right place at the right time. They have carried out a complex and detailed approach, plan to improve many customer touch-points and help us to deliver increased conversions and event attendances.
Choosing where and what to study is a complex customer journey with a huge amount of variables and influences. Delete have tackled these challenges, developing a strategy which has delivered both strong results and excellent value for money.

Charlotte Renwick
Associate Director of Customer Marketing, Leeds Beckett University
European 2017 search awards
Winner - European SEARCH AWARDS 2017
Winner - UK SEARCH AWARDS 2016
Best use of search
WINNER - The Drum Search Award 2016
Best Public Sector PPC Campaign
WINNER - The HEIST Awards 2015
The Best Website (Gold)