Manheim Car Auctions.

Using Sitecore to create an industry leading platform.
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Manheim Inc. is a world leading automobile auction company, with online services available in over 72 countries. Manheim appointed Delete to design and develop an improved web solution, positioning the company as the number one choice in used vehicle buying and selling for both existing and new customers.

Delete was approached to deliver a sector-leading digital customer experience for Manheim, the largest global vehicle auction company. The new website was to replace the three existing websites used to convey their offerings of Remarketing services, (online and physical auctions), Retail Services and the Manheim Group website.

Manheim Website Look
The Brief

A Complete Overhaul.

Delete were tasked with consolidating Manheim's portfolio of websites, orchestrating a complete overhaul of the user experience, in order to deliver something more aligned with the company's positioning as an auto trading market leader.

Our response needed to ensure a markable increase in the number of new and repeat visitors to the site from non-paid search traffic and also convert visitors to registered users.


All In One Experience.

In order to maximise both online activity and encourage footfall within physical auction centres, we needed to set up an enterprise level marketing platform that enabled continuous improvement and optimisation. We also strived to create a highly personalised customer experience, delivering impact and primarily encouraging users to engage with the site. The ultimate aim was for one unified website that housed all of Manheim's offering.


User Journey.

Delete developed a user experience and search strategy which fostered a seamless customer journey from acquisition, to conversion and retention. New landing pages targeting popular search terms were created and seamlessly integrated into the website architecture.


Professional & Enticing.

Our design made use of a pre-login website; informing visitors about Manheim and their services and product offerings, as well as giving them a ‘taste’ of what was on offer to registered customers.

Homepage screenshot
Post Login

Quick Access To Everything.

A unified dashboard was then employed to highlight and simplify buying and selling activity, consolidating everything they need into one place as they participate in the bidding and buying of vehicles.

PastLogin desktop PastLogin mobile

A Sitecore Solution.

We aimed to deliver a customer centric strategy and responsive Sitecore solution. Delete were one of four development teams working alongside each other to deliver the experience, the main focus for Delete was the Sitecore development and integration layer, whilst the three other teams worked on modifying and creating Manheim Back Office system.


  • Utilising SOLR - for the complex search functionality, saved searches and alerts.
  • Sitecore - allowing for content management, personalisation and advanced reporting with Sitecore Analytics to insight into online user behaviour.
  • Single sign on (SS0) integration using Microsoft ForeFront.
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Full Beam Results.

Our SEO strategy was to bring vehicle information to pre-login level for indexing by search engine bots. Once indexed, landing pages started attracting high volumes of traffic, informing visitors about Manheim product offerings, as well as giving them a sample of what was on offer to registered customers. Once registered, we provided a powerful search tool allowing users to quickly find and purchase the right vehicles for them.

Homepage screenshot Homepage screenshot

New landing pages targeting popular search terms were created and seamlessly integrated into the website architecture. Our SEO landing pages are natural steps in website navigation by real users. Our strategy was almost precognitive and soon after the pages went live Google began rolling out quality updates tackling dormant SEO landing pages and encouraging webmasters focus on real user activity.

The majority of Manheim website visitors navigate the website through vehicle search. Our Sitecore developers created an intelligent vehicle search which recognises search patterns and serves SEO landing pages instead of generic search results pages. All intelligent landing pages are gathered in an XML sitemap and submitted into Google Search Console.

Homepage screenshot Homepage screenshot

Transforming Campaigns.

Since taking over Google AdWords campaigns in 2013, campaign performance has been transformed:


CTR increase


Reduction in CPC

Month Average CPC & CTR
Average CTR Average CPC
Web Analytics

Bespoke Report Dashboard.

We developed advanced Google Analytics tracking of user interactions using custom dimensions. Custom dimensions send custom data about the performance of vehicles and auction catalogues to Google Analytics. A bespoke reporting dashboard was set up to extract this data and present it to vehicle dealers and suppliers in a clear and concise format. Dealers use the reporting dashboard daily to monitor performance of their vehicles in auctions.


Increased Awareness & Engagement.

The new site launched in May 2015 and so far, visits from organic search engines have increased by 102.79% year on year. We have also seen visits from mobile devices increase by 564.74% with returning visitors on mobile devices up by 587.83%.


Increase in website visits


Increase in organic visits


Increase in mobile visits