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Product re-invention.
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  • 2015
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The future of online casino.

Re-defining the online casino for the elite player of tomorrow


Product Transformation.

With a natural shift in its customer base from female Bingo players towards male Casino players, Unibet’s global gaming platform was in need of a complete product revolution.

Delete were appointed to lead the product re-invention including digital strategy, customer experience, proposition and brand identity creation. Working closely with the Maria product team we created a new responsive, cross channel gaming platform to support the wider business initiative for market leading innovation.

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Now and Then Comparison for Maria Casino

Brand Evolution.

A new logo and revitalised visual identity was developed to appeal to the target market of advanced casino players.

The user interface, logo and brand assets were all created with a digital application focus, designed to position the platform as a casino platform for the future.

brand evolution image

Meet Maria.

The brand is embodied in the characterisation of Maria who plays a central role in the platform through inviting players to join, to personally assisting players with recommendations and offers.

This enhanced level of personalised communication is designed to build customer loyalty which was a core component of Delete’s customer experience strategy.

The Empowered Player.

In a competitive sector where all gaming platforms are offering the same level of game and offers, a distinctive user experience is what sets you apart.

The Maria UX is centered around providing an empowered player experience through a customisable interface allowing users to configure the site to their own playing preferences.

Maria Casino wireframe
Maria Casino wireframe
Maria Casino wireframe

A first of its kind - Performance Dashboard also lets players monitor their deposits and winnings, providing live feedback on their daily performance.

Product Features.

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Player Onboarding.

The new player onboarding process encourages users to to personalise their experience through gaming preferences and selection of skill level. The interface then responds to the criteria and delivers a tailored experience.

Player Onboarding
Surface level gameplay
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Surface level gameplay.

The interface is designed to facilitate instant access to games from anywhere in the site, using a sophisticated recommendation engine to encourage discovery of new games.

Performance Dashboard
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Performance Dashboard.

A first of its kind player performance dashboard allows users to track their performance metrics including wins, deposits and success trends, in turn promoting responsible gambling.

Personalized promotions
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Personalised Promotions.

Promos, offers and bonuses are served to the player on arrival and bonus progress can be tracked through the performance dashboard.

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Customisable Interface.

A customisable interface allows users to configure their game screens with their favourite games and game types all through a simple off canvas tool.

Customisable Interface
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Multi Platform.

The product is available across desktop, mobile and tablet and in native versions.

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Working with Delete has allowed us to establish an innovative cross channel platform that will undeniably be a game-changer for the online casino market and provide us with a distinctive, competitive position in the market.

Josefine Bin Jung
Marketing Director, Maria Casino