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  • Year
  • 2019

Making ambitions of being the best in sector for paid advertising a reality.

McCarthy & Stone, industry leaders in the building and selling of owner-occupied retirement homes, appointed Delete to manage and deliver all their paid campaigns and take their results to the next level.

We focused on high-impact, creative strategies across a variety of paid channels and platforms with the aim of improving brand perception, increasing new enquiries, sales leads, ROAS and ultimately client revenue.

These platforms included Google Ads, GDN, YouTube, Facebook and Bing and saw us employing innovative tactics such as:

  • GEO restructuring in paid accounts.
  • Creative Facebook retargeting.
  • New landing pages creation and form optimisation.
  • Using paid campaigns for organic audience growth.

The final results were above and beyond the client's KPIs.

channels and platforms

GEO restructuring innovation.

To maintain the visibility of highly competitive, yet vital retirement property keywords, we decided to integrate all past purchasers and enquiries from McCarthy & Stone’s CRM with a map and overlay it with a list of selling developments, focussing on the locations we needed.

We were then able to distil the catchment areas of each location which gave us the opportunity to maintain the top positions for the important retirement property market keywords, while only targeting the actual catchment areas for each development.

increase in conversion rate

+ 65.11%

reduced costs per lead

- 48.82%

close up of map

Boosting conversion rates with new landing page templates.

User testing of new landing page templates was also strategically carried out in parallel with our GEO restructuring. 35 hours was spent testing old pages with 51 participants involved to represent all of McCarthy & Stone’s core customer profiles.

From this we gathered 86 actionable recommendations which resulted in the roll out of new and refined landing page templates. The results speak for themselves:

+ 21.38%

Increased paid campaign conversion rate

- 30.99%

reduced costs per lead


Sales leads per year


Form optimisation.

McCarthy & Stone’s in-house team explained that only 20% of form viewers went on to complete forms and 37.2% of these weren’t going on to convert. 13.2% of these forms also triggered validation errors.

To combat this, we collaborated with agency Experience UX to create effective new prototype forms that were rolled as an A/B test experiment.

Although the successful forms still had an error generation rate of 13%, our analysis showed that 70% of users who trigger an error now go on to complete.

+ 167.35%

Increase in conversion rate from paid campaigns

- 81.04%

Reduced costs per lead

Impressive overall results.

Beyond the impressive individual results these approaches achieved, our overall aim was to deliver a 6% increase in leads in 12 months.

We exceeded this KPI by 1,031% and overall we gained the client:

increase in SALES leads

+ 66.53%

reduced cost per enquiry

- 42.54%

Our position as leaders in our marketplace means that it’s important that our digital strategy is innovative. Delete’s approach in improving our visibility and effectiveness of channel performance in this area has really helped us take our engagement through digital to the next level.
Mark Gale
Senior Digital Marketing Executive