Digital transformation

A new integrated property website.

We partnered with McCarthy & Stone, the UK’s leading retirement home builder, to help transform their sales and marketing approach and online customer experience. We delivered this through creating a new customer engagement strategy and website, which worked together to drive a huge increase in business performance and operational gain.

A business critical mission.

McCarthy & Stone are responsible for building and selling more than 70% of the UK’s owner-occupied retirement housing each year, however in a highly competitive market and with a number of major disruptive threats to the industry their growth and profitability were being threatened. Delete created a strategy to identify the market and business opportunities and to set a clear vision for a new sales and marketing platform, with a redefined customer journey and operational model at its heart.

Helping customers through a huge life change

We understood that for McCarthy & Stone’s customers the process of moving home and starting a new life in retirement could be long, complex and often emotionally challenging. Based on insights from our research and working directly with customers we designed a solution that was able to help them move through the various consideration phases of a sales journey and provide them with the help, information and tools they needed. Creating a compelling and engaging experience for customers and generating high volumes of quality leads for the business.

Enabling a coordinated approach powered by customer insights

The platform also provided McCarthy & Stone with a powerful marketing tool that enabled them to acquire and then build up a profile of a prospect all the way through the sales journey, tailoring their experience through multiple channels, and coordinating sales and marketing activities to them across the business. This was delivered through the Sitecore CMS and a Salesforce CRM integration, which created a much more systematic and automated approach, allowing for greater operational consistency and resulting in significant operational gain.


  • Sitecore Experience Award 2020 Winner

    Most Sophisticated Sitecore Implementation in EMEA-North

Showcasing the complex capabilities and scalability that Sitecore enables for organisations and brands, we’re proud to recognise some of the most sophisticated implementations we’ve seen from customers and partners at the 2020 Sitecore Experience Awards. Helping organisations make data-informed marketing decisions, utilise content more effectively across channels and regions, and deliver more personalised experiences is at the heart Sitecore’s integrated platform. We have seen exceptional customer work this year, unlocking new levels of audience engagement and shortened time-to-market for content creation to provide superior digital experiences that drive ROI and deliver business value.

Paige O’Neill
CMO, Sitecore



increase in sales leads


Increase in conversion rate from property pages


Exceeded 1st year, 6% sales lead target

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