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A Close Partnership

Meningitis Research Foundation (MRF) is a leading UK and international charity that brings together people and expertise to assist in fighting meningitis and septicaemia worldwide.

As a long standing partner to MRF, Delete worked closely with the charity to lead a complete website and technology overhaul, designed to provide MRF with a modern platform to deliver accurate information about meningitis and septicaemia, while offering engaging content to encourage donations.

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Educate and Inform

A key objective of the new website was to educate and provide supportive material about meningitis and septicaemia. Users are able to interact with a comprehensive symptom checker to detect any symptoms of these diseases at the very first sign.

The site provides MRF with a platform to showcase the substantial steps the charity has made to combat meningitis and septicaemia. The new site positions the charity as a modern and progressive organisation through a refreshed digital identity and a simplified user experience.

Anywhere, Anytime.

With over 70% of MRF’s visitors accessing the website through a handheld device, we wanted to ensure that the website was fully optimised for all types of mobile interaction. We focused on improving key user journeys by introducing a simplified modular layout that would enable easy modification, personalisation and prioritisation.

Sharing Stories.

To keep survivors, carers and all those affected by meningitis and septicaemia at the forefront of the conversation, we generated an onsite community that allows users to share their own personal stories. The new book of experience page encourages this type of user-generated discussion by providing a platform for users to interact. The page allows users to find someone that they can talk to, share their personal experiences with and provides overall help and reassurance to those affected.


The donation page is a fundamental part of the MRF website. Delete wanted to amplify donations by focusing on improving the user journey to make it clear where each individual donation would be going. By incorporating clear calls to action throughout each step of the donation process, we were able to achieve this. Additionally, we wanted to make it clear that donations could be made on multiple devices. To do this, we promoted other donation methods such as SMS, telephone and even by post.

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increase in donations this year

Smart Technology.

Delete leveraged the full functionality of the Kentico Enterprise solution by ensuring that all contacts were captured and tracked in one contact database.
On top of the standard Kentico tracking, we built bespoke tracking to cover users’ areas of interest from the type of events, disease type and their location of interest. This gave us real scope to move to powerful and effective personalisation in the next phase.
The content management system allows the users to manage all content and fully supports the ‘extensive’ content generation of a charity of this size.

Can I take this opportunity to thank you all for your work on this project. Not only have you satisfied your clients, but your work may well have contributed to less people in the world dying and being disabled by meningitis and to increase the support for those who have been affected by this dreadful disease.
Delete feel like part of our family, and we have developed a close working relationship with them over many years - they have a firm understanding of our ethos and values.
As soon as we saw their ideas for the new site we loved them. All aspects of the construction have been well-managed, and the degree of technical knowledge, creativity and, in particular, skilled design displayed by Delete has been of the highest calibre.
Rob Dawson
Head of Communications, Advocacy and Support