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NextGear Capital is a Cox Automotive business offering a revolutionary product to the automotive industry. The product is ideally suited to the way that dealers buy and sell vehicles, allowing them to free up cash flow and gain more control over their stock - as well as the ability to manage their stock on the go. With the business already holding a significant presence in the US, there was an imminent need to introduce the revolutionary concept to a new UK audience.

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NextGear Capital
Website Look
Website Look
Website Look

Website UX Strategy.

Automotive dealers are a difficult audience to convince, so we needed a solution that would clearly and quickly communicate the many benefits of the NextGear platform, ensuring as many conversions as possible. The website interface was kept clean and minimal, allowing the benefits and calls to action to have maximum stand out, whilst a super simple help section was designed to cater for any initial questions or concerns.

Visual Design.

When NextGear Capital approached Delete, the branding was already set in place and implemented on the American website. We took the core principles and simplified the visual approach to ensure clarity in the messaging. This was then adopted on all digital and offline material, including the customer welcome pack, and even the NextGear card itself. The modern, stripped back approach ensures that the user is drawn to the key elements of the site and has since received much praise from UK audiences as well as NextGear’s American marketing team.


StockMaster App.

After the launch of the NextGear Capital UK business, Nextgear wanted to further advance their customer offering, and enable customers to manage their Stocking Plan on the go. We worked with NextGear Capital to create StockMaster, a web application designed to enable dealers to view their Stocking Plan limit and utilisation, see the vehicles that they have purchased at auction, and then ‘fund’ those vehicles with a click of a button, whilst also integrating with Salesforce to push personalised and promotional messages.


Stockmaster was designed to work seamlessly across multiple devices, but with a focus on the mobile experience. We crafted the design to provide clarity of information on smaller screens with easy to use functions.


The information displayed within StockMaster comes from multiple third party sources. Delete led project teams from different companies to define the integration process and present the information in one place to add value to the NextGear Capital customer experience.


Using the Umbraco Open Source CMS allowed us the flexibility to utilise the core modules offered, and then easily add custom functionality to support the client’s proposition. This approach allowed the creative team adaptability with the design in order to support the required user journeys.

The web application interacts with the dealer finance and auction house systems via web services to bring in valuable information, such as Stocking Plan limits and utilisation, lists the vehicles available to fund via NextGear Capital and allows the user to make a ‘transaction’ on the site.

The apply form is integrated with Salesforce, capturing valuable data whilst allowing NextGear to implement and control their CRM activity.


"NextGear Capital engaged Delete to create and deliver a web application to handle marketing, customer application and online account access functions. As a new entrant to the UK vehicle stock funding market, we were looking for a web agency that could combine industry sensitive, creative skills with rigorous methodology and deadline delivery. The website feeds applications directly into Salesforce and Delete were able to take a lead role in designing the end to end application. Delete also took strong ownership of the project from the start and made clear design and technology recommendations that proved very successful. Being a new business with a rapidly evolving customer base, owning content management in house was important and the decision to go with Umbraco has proved to be very positive.

The depth of talent in Delete stands out clearly, as does the passion for creating a website design that is clean and efficient. They are particularly strong in how they run the initial User Journey workshops and steer design towards clear outcomes at an early stage. Project management is done efficiently and without fuss."

David Mercer- Managing Director, NextGear Capital UK

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