Red Bull Bedroom Jam 2012.

Helping young rock bands rise above the static.
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To drive awareness, sign-up bands and recruit fans, we relaunched Red Bull's Bedroom Jam web platform for 2012 as a hub for an intensive social outreach campaign.

Over 1,800 bands entered and encouraged their fan bases to rally behind them in social media, generating 217,000 Facebook comments, 90,000 new Red Bull Bedroom Jam Facebook fans and 464,000 visitors to over an epic 10 month campaign engagement calendar.



Red Bull gives young musicians wings by offering rock bands the chance to perform to the world from their bedroom, play at five UK festivals, record in Red Bull Studios, go on tour with a famous rock band and ultimately be crowned champions.

Our key objectives for the Red Bull Bedroom Jam website and digital outreach campaign were to:

  • Increase the number of bands signing up.
  • Increase the numbers of fans engaging with Red Bull Bedroom Jam.
  • Drive up viewership of the Bedroom Jam Live shows.


Empowering bands.

Bands are motivated by the opportunity to ‘rise above the static’ and will zealously promote themselves to their fans.

Empowering fans.

Fans are motivated to support their friends’ bands, discover the next big sound and be a part of a music scene.

Understanding these motivations and achieving the right balance between them was crucial to the success of the campaign.


User Experience.

Developing a refined user journey to encourage simple profile creation and fan engagment.

Create a profile in minutes.

In order for the campaign to be successful from day one we had to ensure users would publish content quickly.

This meant cracking the design of the registration process was paramount. We designed a simple four step process for registrants to sign up, create a profile and publish for voting.

For the bands the profile page needed to be their platform to promote themselves so ensuring all key content was prominently displayed upon page load was crucial.



Bringing the energy of the mosh-pit to the web.

bedroom jam

"The gritty rock style we established for the 2011 campaign was expanded upon to create a powerful branded interface language and applied to the site to ensure maximum rock awesomeness across both the platform & the advertising."

bedroom jam bedroom jam


We leveraged opensource technologies to get the platform live in a tight timeline and iteratively rolled out new functionality as the campaign progressed. The latest CSS3 and web font technologies were utilised to create a strong brand layer.

We worked closely with Buzz Chart technical partner TwoStroke to measure band popularity and Red Bull Media Houses' BrightCove player API for the live streaming shows to ensure seamless integration in to the campaign platform.


Giving Red Bull Bedroom Jam 2012 the buzz factor.

bedroom jam
Social Media Management.

Over the course of the campaign we:

  • Facilitated and moderated fan and band commentary.
  • Engaged in fan conversation to create pre-live show buzz.
  • Made recommendations to adjust 'Buzz Chart' measurement mechanics to combat attempts to 'game' the voting system.
  • Ensured Red Bull's brand was seen doing what it does best – giving people (in this case young musicians) wings, connecting new bands with new fans.
bedroom jam
Paid Media.

Employing a strategy of highly geo, demo & time targeted Facebook advertising bursts, the campaign was effective at driving both band signups and live broadcast views. To accompany the Facebook activity, we created a number of supporting display advertising units and offline press advertising assets to support the online coverage.


An uplift of over 500% in band entries on the previous year


Fans made over 217,000 Facebook comments and the Facebook page acquired 90,000 new fans.


1,800 bands entered & "I Divide" beat them all to win their debut album record deal at Red Bull Studios.


464,000 unique website visitors generated 2.4 million page views.

Our success with Red Bull in the UK has led us to rolling the project out globally working with Red Bull offices in Australia, Belgium, Greece, Ireland, the Middle East and The Netherlands. Rock on 2013!
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