Red Bull Bedroom Jam.

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  • 2014
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After working with Red Bull to create the Bedroom Jam 2012 platform and social outreach campaign with record engagement levels and results, Red Bull Head Offices challenged us to evolve the platform for international rollout in 2014.

Applying our learnings from the previous campaign and looking to evolve the site in to a responsive multi device solution - our new and reinvigorated Red Bull Bedroom Jam platform empowers bands and engages fans more than ever.



Platform Evolution.

Red Bull gave us an open brief to refresh and modernise the Bedroom Jam digital campaign platform for 2014 including integration of new technologies and device priorities, improved performance and brand impact. Our solution was designed to appeal to a more app / mobile focused generation.

UX Principles.

We defined a set of guiding User Experience principles to make the project a success:

  • Less interface, more content
  • Make global features available ‘off-canvas’ and ‘on-demand’
  • A responsive Design approach for a familiar experience on desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Give bands more control over the screen real estate on their profiles
  • Engage fans with direct messaging and reward them for their engagement

Visual Design.

Part of our recommendation was to evolve the logo identity for readability, closer alignment with the Red Bull brand and introduced a simplified mark for use in smaller contexts.

bedroom jam
bedroom jam

How it works was a crucial section to sell the campaign to aspiring bands - we took a parallax scrolling approach to tell a visual story rather than previous years text heavy approach.

We made big improvements to the whole front end experience - with a far more mobile / tablet focused interface working across multiple devices.

bedroom jam

bedroom jam