Red Bull Mini Drome

Smaller, faster, harder - campaigning on and offline.
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  • 2012


Red Bull Mini Drome is an innovative and unique concept that allows fixed gear riders of any ability to prove themselves on the world's smallest velodrome.

Run for the first time in the UK in 2011, Red Bull tasked us to deliver a campaign to bring it back with a bang in 2012 and reach beyond the niche audience.

The Challenge.

  • Drive participation in Red Bull Mini Drome amongst the wider alternative biking scene with a goal to sign up a 1000 riders.
  • Bring a capacity crowd to the main event.
  • Drive 12% awareness of Red Bull Mini Drome amongst 15-39yr olds in London.
  • Strengthen the Red Bull "Gives you wings" brand positioning.


Three communication phases for three key audiences.

By dividing the audience into participants, spectators and the interested public and phasing our messaging we were able to optimise our campaign for each audience.

Creating awareness among these audiences before the event was crucial to success on the day, and after the event ensuring this success was amplified through social channels to a broader audience.



Campaign creative executions online, offline, in print and on iPad.

Red Bull Mini Drome
Red Bull Mini Drome Red Bull Mini Drome

In a first for Red Bull and Associated Press we created an advertorial feature for the Metro iPad Edition that ran in the week leading up to the event showcasing the unique format, riders and celebrating the alternative cycling scene.

Red Bull Mini Drome

A suite of online and offline advertising assets was also produced to promote the event to riders and fans in cycle shops, relevant magazines, on cycling sites and highly effective targeted Facebook advertising driving to the event microsite hosted within Red Bull's main website.

The microsite was designed with a phased approach in mind to tailor call-to-actions to the campaign phases and Facebook social plug-ins integrated to raise awareness of event attendance and user commentary beyond the site.

Red Bull Mini Drome


Meeting and beating expectations.


The Metro iPad supplement received over 660,000 impressions the week before the event.


Campaign targets were exceeded threefold with a 32% awareness of the event amongst 15-39 year olds living inside the M25.


Through geographic, demographic & interest targeting over 26.6 million Facebook users reached.

Oversubscribed entries to ride, a full rider line up on the day and Bethnal Green’s York Hall packed out with fans speaks for itself.
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