Digital Transformation

A new customer platform for global ingredients manufacturer

As a leader in plant-based ingredients manufacturing, Roquette operates in over 100 countries worldwide supplying ingredients to thousands of organisations developing products in the Food, Nutrition and Health markets. With customer experience transformation top of the Board's agenda, Roquette appointed Delete as their lead CX and Technology partner to deliver new digital products and services.

The new central web platform is the first major customer touchpoint launched.

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The Challenge

  • 1. Deliver a new digital service to enable customer procurement and R&D teams to research products and order samples for testing.
  • 2. Automate processes through technology to reduce demand on the customer support team to service growing prospect and customer base
  • 3. Change customer behaviour through better self-serving online tools
  • 4. Position Roquette as an innovator in the market

Improving moments that matter

  • 1 Research
  • 2 Consult
  • 3 Evaluate
  • 4 Select
  • 5 Negotaite
  • 6 Buy
  • 7 Receive
  • 8 Support

B2B Customer Experience Strategy

Roquette identified an improved digital customer experience as a key enabler for developing its service offer to achieve commercial growth and further global expansion.

Through a highly customer-centric research programme, Delete and Roquette developed a CX strategy to drive the transformation of Roquette's digital products. The central website had to play a much greater role in every step of the customer sales journey - from initial product research right through to product sample ordering and eventual purchase.

Platform Features

Enhanced Product Finder

A new product finder tool allows users to search, discover and filter products by a range of attributes. The tool is segmented by market category and supports branded and standard product naming conventions to engage both existing customers and new prospects.

Product Information Hubs

All products have a dedicated page where all product information is featured. From here users can order samples, request a quote, download associated documents and request help and support.

Sample Ordering

A major development for the organisation is the facilitation of online product sample ordering. This function now allows prospects and existing customers to order sample material for lab testing.


Roquette use Sitecore EMS (version 8.2) and to achieve the solution we created a product management system (PMS) within Sitecore containing all 400+ products. An extensive taxonomy was constructed to support tracking and the architecture to enable future personalisation and content association.

All associated product documents are imported from Sharepoint and associate, using complex rules, with one of more products to determine the correct document is always served up to the end user.

A custom checkout was developed to facilitate sample orders where rules around the delivery country, order country and manufacturing country are processed to ensure the site technically reflects the complex business logic.