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Royal Canin

Sitecore Architecture & Build
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  • 2019
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Project Overview

Developing a unified global hub for the biggest pet food brand in the world.

The Royal Canin brand was not consistently represented across their 52 global markets and the aim of this project was to offer one unified brand across all these markets, promoting a consistent brand voice that reflects their core values.

The existing markets each used over 15 different content management solutions and product repositories to hold their data.

By building tools and experiences that support a consistent ‘on brand’ global digital landscape, this project has brought them all together and aligned their product data so that we can identify one product - and therefore its digital consumption and popularity across all markets.

Explore Platform
A flexible, consistent global platform
A flexible, consistent global platform
A flexible, consistent global platform
A flexible, consistent global platform

A flexible, consistent global platform.

The new global solution, with Sitecore as the driving technology, now provides strong brand control through an effective publishing platform.

This platform uses the Lionbridge integration custom to Sitecore and appropriate Sitecore roles and permissions. Giving each of the markets the ability to manage their digital presence with flexibility and excellent consistent brand control.

A flexible, consistent global platform

Sitecore component framework.

With the previous markets all representing the brand in their own unique way, the content and design implementation was truly varied and consolidating so many sites to allow them to represent the brand in a localised manner was a huge challenge.

Using a global framework, set up with Sitecore HELIX principles and conventions, we created a library of global content to support the diversity of markets that can present their own products and supplement articles, utilising available templates, but supported by the ‘extensive’ taxonomy created across the whole solution.

sitecore component 1
sitecore component 2
sitecore component 3
sitecore component 4
sitecore component 5
sitecore component 6
sitecore component 7


Taxonomy is the bedrock of advanced personalisation. In future phases we'll be using this for implicit personalisation. Identifying whether a customer is a ‘cat’ or ‘dog’ persona, their pet’s breed and life stage all based on their browsing habits and ensuring the relevant information and products are presented to the customer.



14 integration points with Salsify, Evidon, Lionbridge, Design language through Amazon Cloudfront, Censhare, BazaarVoice (Ratings and Reviews), Price Spider (eCommerce aggregator) and numerous bespoke solutions.

Using the Lionbridge integration within Sitecore allows us to control translations on all 52 markets. There is integration with Censhare where Royal Canin hold all their brand content, imagery and assets. An elastic search is integrated with Censhare image DAM. Integration with Evidon, a global data protection solution, gives global control and blocks the dropping of any cookies placing the site visitor in control.

All products which exist independently at regional market levels are imported daily into the Sitecore global solution using Sitecore Data Exchange Framework (DEF). We have created a single view for a product that has not existed before.

Key Statistics

A selection of key statistics from this project.

The following metrics provide the best illustration of the user experience and the results we have achieved.



Overall reducing the number of servers required and also the cost for the markets.


Sitecore License Across Markets

Reducing the overall cost for the business.



Providing seamless translation across Royal Canin global sites.