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  • 2017


Safestore is the UK's largest and Europe's second largest provider of self-storage solutions, offering services to both personal and business customers.

Safestore were looking to re-define their digital offer and deliver a customer experience that matched up to their market-leading reputation in the self-storage field. Delete implemented a new Digital Strategy for Safestore and complete website platform overhaul geared around driving increased customer enquiries.

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To provide a best in class website that builds the credibility and performance of Safestore’s digital assets with users and search engines.

Our strategy was focused on delivering the following goals:

  • Facilitate an increase in inbound customer enquiries and site conversion rates.
  • Improve organic search ranking through optimised location and store landing pages.
  • Create a new digital brand and visual identity standard for the business.
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Website Look

User Experience.

A site built around a primary conversion journey.

We wanted to deliver a user experience that was implicitly structured around a singular conversion funnel, which meant at any point in the user’s site engagement they could enter into the quote process. This approach led to a highly prioritised interface where content was rationalised, primary CTAs were clearly visible and pages were easily scannable for people with little time.

The quote process was completely re-engineered to offer a personalised experience based on a customer's storage requirements. We allowed the ability to explore storage sizes through videos, 3D views, as well as enabling a quick route through for people who simply want a quote.

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Visual Design.

Feels professional and trustworthy.

Delete were able to accurately express the site’s existing strong and contemporary visual guidelines, whilst ensuring a cleaner visual aesthetic and clearly defined content hierarchy layout.

Drawing inspiration from the Swiss design movement, we were able to create a more graphic visual style by using strong typography and block colours. We also shot new photography aimed at capturing the company's core staff members, with the view that this would help to humanise the site. Overall, the design aesthetic was kept simple in order to help facilitate the strong UX journey, avoiding unnecessary distractions.

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Website Look
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The Quote Process

The Safestore Quote Process allows users to select and reserve storage space at their preferred location in 3 simple steps.

This responsive tool, which works seamlessly across all devices, helps you select the the most suitable space by suggesting sizes based on your reason for storage.


We used Kentico EMS as our central platform of choice in order to take advantage of its many inbuilt features, as well as the ability to develop custom web parts for the specific technical requirements we had.

We deployed the integrated eCommerce function for the Box Shop area and Personalisation features to customise experience for both personal and business based customers. We also utilised Split Test to optimise the quote process, and integration connectors to connect with all back office systems.

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Website Look
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“The team at Delete are a fantastic digital partner for Safestore. At the core of their offer is innovative and market leading UX and creativity, married with comprehensive and accurate project management. From start to finish they have been a pleasure to work with and will be a part of Safestore’s future digital progression.”

- Dave Cox, Marketing Director at Safestore