Life effects by Teva

Life Effects by Teva

Realising a new Content delivery Platform
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  • 2018
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A Patient Led Platform For Chronic Health Conditions

Life Effects is an initiative realised by Teva Global shaped by patients, for patients. A mobile first digital platform, the aim of Life Effects is to offer patient contributors the chance to share their experiences of living life with a chronic illness.
Delete was appointed by Teva Global to lead the product definition, user experience strategy, brand integration, UI Design and Kentico development or the new Life Effects platform.

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Sharing Experiences

A patient led platform that enables patient authors to showcase their own articles based on living life with a chronic illness. Life Effects' unique approach ensures patient author profiles give credibility to their content, and give the audience the ability to learn more about them, further increasing their perception of the brand and the validity of the content.

Engaging The Audience

Audience feedback is vital to understanding how content is received, and ensure content is best suited to visitor needs. A voting mechanism was developed to give the visitor the chance to vote how useful a piece of content has been after they've viewed it. A simple 3 button widget was developed to allow instant feedback with no need to have an account. Registering to receive new content allows further engagement by pushing relevant new content to patients when it is released.


visitors have found content helpful to them in the first six months since launch


Multi Channel Content Delivery

A key objective of Life Effects was to establish the success of each content type and the delivery mechanism used. Traditional written articles, videos and podcasts were used to enable patients to deliver their message with the ability to offer instant feedback on the usefulness of a piece of content.


visitors have listened to podcasts on the US site in the first six months since launch

Product Overview

A Mobile First Approach

A mobile first approach to design was critical to ensure all content was accessible across device and content could be digestible at any time. There were 157,329 mobile visits in the first three months from launch counting for 80% of the overall website traffic, confirming mobile is a key device to cater for.


mobile visitors to the US site in the first 6 months since launch

desktop profile
Integrated Technologies

Integrated Technologies

Following on from a successful UX & Design phase Delete were appointed to build the site within the Kentico framework. Kentico integration included a workflow for 3rd party (Veeva) article approval, Megaphone podcast integration, a scoring algorithm for user engagement and a platform to enable patient contributors to manage their own profile page.

Continual Improvement

Life Effects was initially piloted as a trial for the US market which has widely been understood as a success. With planned enhancements the scheme is now being rolled out to a European market in English language with content specific to that market. Further UX enhancements have been introduced to ensure region selection, terms acceptance, author priority and navigation are all best suited to the new audience.


visitors to the European site in the first 3 months since launch

Continual Improvement Continual Improvement Continual Improvement Continual Improvement
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