Why Delete
We are agents of change.

We exist to provide businesses with ‘that’ chance to reimagine and reinvent their digital world. Our work for some of the world’s leading brands is recognised for challenging the market, driving innovation and accelerating business performance.

Our philosophy
We make way for the new & possible.

Our name, Delete, is derived from a positive action to erase the old or incorrect to make way for the new and possible. This is the philosophy we live and breathe, the mantra by which we create and the trigger to unlock your opportunity.

The Delete way.

We are a smart team of leading digital practitioners who think and work dynamically - big enough to deliver, agile enough to adapt. Through our energy, expertise and enthusiasm we drive projects with passion and inspire our clients to imagine something better.

Our people

  • Tom Dougherty.

    Tom Dougherty.


  • James Carrington.

    James Carrington.

    Partner & Chief Technology Officer

  • Damon Mangos.

    Damon Mangos.

    Partner, ECD & Strategy Director

  • Kev Charlton.

    Kev Charlton.

    Creative Director

  • Polly Pospelova

    Polly Pospelova

    Digital Marketing Director

  • Mark Huddleston.

    Mark Huddleston.

    Offline Creative Director

  • Kate Orlova.

    Kate Orlova.

    Solutions Architect, Sitecore MVP

  • James Gallimore.

    James Gallimore.

    Solutions Director

  • Gregg Turner.

    Gregg Turner.

    Head of Digital Marketing

  • Alexander King

    Alexander King

    Head of Delivery

  • Mike Longfellow

    Mike Longfellow

    Head of Client Services

  • Andy Hutchinson.

    Andy Hutchinson.


  • Mark Walton.

    Mark Walton.

    Chief Executive Officer