Digital Strategy

What should I do? Who should I do it for? Why should I do it? And what will it deliver? These are some of the basic fundamental questions that drive our strategic process.

At Delete defining a clear digital strategy is the bedrock of any project or relationship we undertake. It gives us the direction and mandate we need to invent, innovate and reimagine your new digital world, delivering tangible results and the framework to measure their success against.

We have a philosophy called 'Actionable Strategy' - it simply means any strategic phase we undertake is focused on actionable outcomes and recommendations for projects.

Our custom designed strategy programme is designed around what you need, not just a standard process we push you through. Through a blend of face to face consultation, research and discovery led by our team of UX, Creative and Technical practitioners we look to create valuable insight that we can deliver on.

We have successfully delivered and refined this programme of work for many national and international brands and organisations over the last 10 years. Delivering real change, results and innovation beyond just the digital end-product.

It includes : Business Consultancy, ROI Modeling, Business Immersion and Stakeholder Consultation, External Audience definition and Consultation, Innovation modelling, Technical consultation, Brand consultancy, Brand & Communication Strategy, Content Strategy, Market Opportunity planning, Media planning, Search & Visibility Strategy. etc.

"Digital transformation is the key driver for business growth and change in the age we live. Having an effective digital strategy is critical to unlocking this opportunity for any brand."

Damon Mangos - ECD & Strategy Director

Outputs include:

  • Business 
  • Digital Strategy
  • Forward Plan & Recommendations
  • Innovation Plan
  • Technical Strategy