Why Every Kentico Developer Should Take the Kentico Online Marketing Course

Here, our Kentico developer Dmitri Bastron discusses why he decided to take the Kentico Online Marketing course and why other developers should do the same.

After years of misunderstandings and disagreements with digital marketers I finally realised that I could resolve our conflicts by studying the Kentico Online Marketing Essentials course, as this would help me to better understand why marketers do what they do and ask me what I felt were difficult questions.

Find out below more about my reasons for taking this Kentico course and why I think other developers should do the same.

How My Way of Working can Lead to Conflict with Digital Marketers

From my point of view as a developer, I don’t feel great if a client’s website is slow or full of bugs and I often found that the work and change requests I would get from digital marketers would then cause such issues.

For example, when I’m tasked with building article listing pages I will concentrate on the use of filters, the order of the articles, the speed at which the newly published articles appear in the frontend, ‘load more’ functionality or pagination, and I will try to make everything work quickly and seamlessly.

Often though - and after I’ve done all of this - digital marketers then get involved and will make requests for things like custom tracking to be put in place so that they can capture every button click. Or they may ask for something even more complicated like making the site show a random promotional block, and I will end up writing more and more unplanned and ad-hoc logic which will negatively affect the site’s performance.

How the Kentico Online Marketing Essentials Course Helped

The above instance is not a one-off and I found it was happening more and more, so I decided to try a different approach and study the Kentico Online Marketing Essentials course as I had read that its well-structured and interactive e-learning course, teaches you how to set up campaigns, run email marketing activities, and handle other common digital marketing tasks.

Although it the course is primarily designed for business users who are responsible for running online marketing activities, it has helped me significantly and I believe that the course is an absolute must for other Kentico developers.

Additional Benefits of Studying this Course

As well as helping me understand other ways of working, the course also gave me lots of useful additional tips and insights. For example, I didn’t realise how universal and convenient the Kentico built-in Activity Tracking system was. Previously, I would have created new custom tables or module classes for recording custom activity events or custom tracking.

Kentico online marketing course test site screenshot

Another example is when I learned more about about Marketing Automation application and also the marketing course taught me about Contact Segmentation with Contact Groups and Personas. I know now that this is a very important feature for developers to understand because it is a baseline for applying the personalisation on a website.

Kentico marketing automation diagram screenshot

My in-depth understanding of this functionality means I can now provide valuable advice to digital marketers and help them deliver better personalisation solutions together.

I’ve even been able to put this into practice, as I’ve recently worked on a project where a client marketer created over one hundred condition-based Contact Groups in Kentico, which lead to a significant site slowdown and performance drop.

Understanding the segmentation basics helped me talk to the digital marketers in their language, understand their needs and propose suitable solutions for a better balance of functionality and performance. In this specific example I actually ended up deleting most of the Contact Groups leaving only those that were needed for email feeds. The deleted groups were replaced with a shorter and cleaner list of Personas for applying personalisation to.

Final Thoughts

The course only took me a few evenings to complete and in itself only a couple of hours to pass the Kentico Marketer Certification exam. However, the benefits I’ve got from this massively outweigh the amount of time I’ve invested in studying.

I am now a Kentico 12 Certified Developer and a Kentico 12 Certified Marketer who can confidently advise any market on the right mixture of A/B Testing, Contact Management, Activity Tracking, Marketing Automation, Lead Scoring, Email Marketing and Campaign Management.

So to summarise, don’t fight with your marketeers, learn what they do and why they do it, use all of the tools at your disposal with Kentico and speak their language. Harmony between Kentico digi marketers and Kentico developers is possible and wonderful. I know it because we have achieved it here at Delete.