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Inspiring travel with rich mobile and tablet experiences.
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Expedia wanted a new way of promoting city breaks to the high value UK commuter audience. In conjunction with Metro Newspaper, we produced 12 rich interactive iPad / Mobile Guides embedded in the Metro digital editions that utilised video, animation and interaction to present city destinations from the eyes of an insider and inspire travel purschase.

Initial results saw the campaign achieve just under 500,000 unique views in just four weeks and it received 25,000 competition entries.


The world's largest online travel agency Expedia wanted a campaign to promote city break packages to the UK audience.

The Metro special projects team proposed an iPad advertorial which Delete were engaged to:

  • Shape the creative vision
  • Direct creative asset generation
  • Produce a highly visual and interactive application
  • Inspire commuters to book a city break with Expedia


Analysing the format, we let two simple thoughts shape our creative approach.

Because of the inherently first person nature of the iPad experience, there was a real opportunity to present the content as if the user is behind the camera lens of the photographer.

A hundred distractions are a home button click away - arresting visuals and rich interactions beyond the standard Metro format are crucial ingredients to seize and retain the attention poor morning commuter's focus.



Campaign creative executions online, offline, in print and on iPad.

Working with the Metro special projects editor we conceived the name 'Through A Different Lens', positioning Expedia as curators of the very best city break destinations. It was an apt name for a photo editorial led approach.

David Ryle was engaged as photographer and sent round the world with a brief to create an intimate cinematic feel that reflected the city break theme of each destination from relaxation in Reykjavik to shopping sprees in New York.

We translated Expedia’s brand guidelines into a premium editorial design that gave the tablet reader cause to pause when browsing their morning paper and used video, animation and interaction to enrich the user experience.


We pushed the limits of PressRun, the tablet publishing platform used by Metro.

An interactive map with filters, insider tips, and an offline map fallback for when no Wifi connection was available (a common problem for commuters on the Tube).

An interactive map with filters, insider tips, and an offline map fallback for when no Wifi connection was available (a common problem for commuters on the Tube).


What the campaign achieved in the first four weeks.


The four editions received just under 500,000 unique views in the month of campaign activity.


An average engagement time of two and a half minutes with every edition.


Over 25,000 competition entries to win £500 of Expedia travel vouchers.

Strong brand positioning established Expedia as curators of travel to a high value commuter audience.
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