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Bringing Fuzzies To The World Through The Power Of Social.
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  • 2013


vInspired's mission is to get young people actively involved in their community. We were tasked with promoting their Christmas 'Do Something' campaign through the power of social.

To do this we created a fun Facebook app that encouraged young people to 'do something good', to give someone the 'fuzzies' and to get involved with a great cause. Increasing Likes on vInspired's Facebook page by over 10,000, users also created just under 2,500 Fuzzies in eight weeks.


To reach a range of young audiences across the UK and increase brand awareness of vInspired 'Do Something'

  • Drive high volumes of participation.
  • Create an effective digital experience to capture the imaginations of young people.
  • Shift perceptions and inspire a new younger audience to go on to the next generation of vInspired volunteers.


Facebook was the obvious vehicle. We created a social campaign tool that enabled fans to create their own unique 'fuzzy' character which was linked to users' profiles, making it shareable and viewable through an image gallery thanks to our robust social platform. Visitors were then invited to vote for their favourites with the most popular fuzzies winning prizes!

The App.

We created a bespoke 'fuzzy' engagement layer to our Facebook campaign platform across both desktop and mobile devices.

The Work.

Our work programme included stakeholder workshops, campaign strategy, UX & creative concepts, character creation & illustration, HTML5 prototyping, development & deployment and generation of all social campaign assets.

"The overall design of the Fuzzies had to be flexible enough for people to play with whilst retaining the overall look and feel. This was key to the project, giving it a sense of character and allowing people to leave their mark on it."

- Damon Mangos, Creative Director.



With a small media spend the campaign achieved some great results.


Likes on the 'Do Something UK' Facebook page increased by over 20,000.


At its peak the 'Do Something UK' page had a reach of over 520,000 Facebook users.


Over 2,500 Fuzzies were created, loved and shared.

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