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Kier Living are a residential building brand owned by UK leading construction company, Kier Group. Having spent the past 70 years forging a reputation as one of the country’s most trusted and high quality home building services, they now have major residential developments in 5 regions throughout the UK.

We were able to create a re-vitalised web platform for Kier Living, designed to significantly increase the number of prospective new home buyers applying through the site, as well as delivering a fully responsive and engaging digital experience for visitors.

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Kier Living
Website Look
Website Look
Website Look


Delete were tasked with delivering a rejuvenated website for Kier Living. The overall new look and feel of the website was created to reflect the experience of envisioning yourself living in a new Kier home. The site was also required to cover a variety of offerings across the various regions of Kier Living, prioritising home buyers and allowing them easy access to current and accurate information online.

Key project objectives included:

  • A desired 5% increase in website traffic growth by the end of 2015
  • An increased number of prospective buyers registering for updates, and enquiring about properties by 25% by end of 2015
  • To provide regional level CMS access for managing website content
  • To improve usability across all devices


The core aim of our digital strategy was to produce an updated website that conformed to a simple, clean, modern, energetic and human positioning. We introduced a consistent colour association in alignment with the brand colour palette, as well as the creation of a new icon set. We also created a set of photography guidelines to ensure brand uniformity as new developments are added to the site.

UX Kier Living
UX Kier Living
UX Kier Living
UX Kier Living


We designed a simplistic, yet immersive user experience with clear and informative calls to action throughout. The homepage also recognises the user's’ location and presents their nearest Kier Living development.

A key design challenge was bringing the Kier Living site plans to life. We were able to create a set of responsive and interactive plans, allowing users to view all available plots on each development and get information and allow them to view information about each individual plot.

Visual Design.

Our aim was to create a rich visual experience, allowing home buyers to immerse themselves within Kier Living developments and the local area.

Kier Visual Design
Kier Visual Design
Kier Visual Design
Kier Visual Design
Kier Visual Design

We developed the digital Kier Living brand by introducing a custom icon set, friendly secondary scripted font and a defined set of visual guidelines.

Kier Visual Design
Kier Visual Design

We created a set of responsive site plans to enhance how users are able to view developments. We also introduced a set of photography guidelines to bring the current photography up to a higher standard. This also helped ensure future photography was consistent throughout regions and developments.

Kier Visual Design
Kier Visual Design
Kier Visual Design
Kier Visual Design


The website is fully responsive and renders perfectly on all types of devices and screen sizes, including devices with retina screens. It is built with a combination of JSON and JavaScript to ensure that site plans work seamlessly on all devices. New site plans replaced the old Flash based site plans, which were unresponsive on Apple devices not supporting Flash.

The content management system is bespoke and build on the basis of ASP.Net technology.


  • MaxMind IP Geolocation detection for content personalisation which servers nearest developments and news to users based on their geographic location
  • COINS CRM web services for live update of property availability and prices
  • Live feeds to property portals in the industry standard format Rightmove V4.0 XML


Delete was responsible for the complete overhaul of Kier Living’s web search architecture. This was redesigned to increase organic visibility for target search terms with key geographical locations for developments.

Visibility of the new website in organic search engine results improved significantly. The website now features on the 1st page of Google for all target search terms, such as ‘new homes in Kettering’, ‘new homes in Spalding’, ‘new homes in Royston’ etc.


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Kier SEO
Kier SEO
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Google AdWords PPC campaigns performance has improved every month. The following results were recorded in March 2016 vs March 2015:


Average CTR


Average CPC


The new website has achieved impressive results since relaunch:


Website enquiries form perspective buyers.


Website traffic.


Organic traffic from search engines.