Leeds Beckett University

Digital Marketing
  • Year
  • 2019

Campaign Overview

Paid digital marketing campaigns that consistently delivered a positive ROI for Leeds Beckett University.

Since 2012, Delete has managed Leeds Beckett’s UK digital media and during this time has risen to the challenges of growing their recruitment and maximising conversion from all paid digital advertising channels, through our award-winning paid campaigns.


A Closer Look at Our Main Aims and Focusses.

Beyond the overarching objectives, our main focus was with undergraduate and postgraduate student recruitment through ongoing campaigns, as well as advertising university courses, open days, open evenings and clearing.

Specific examples of objectives set by Leeds Beckett also included:

1. Supporting the university’s growth plans through targeted and effective campaigns.
2. Growing the number of applications.
3. Improving efficiencies and reducing costs in all paid channels.


Returning a lower cost‑per‑click and a higher volume of leads.

Delete were able to deliver highly refined campaigns with precise audience targeting and careful geographical mapping across a variety of platforms.

Delete have been instrumental in helping us deliver our vision of a seamless experience with personalised and contextualised information in the right place at the right time.

They have carried out a complex and detailed approach, planned to improve many customer touch-points and helped us to deliver increased conversions and event attendances.

Choosing where and what to study is a complex customer journey with a huge amount of variables and influences. Delete have tackled these challenges, developing a strategy which has delivered both strong results and excellent value for money.

Charlotte Renwick
Associate Director of Customer Marketing, Leeds Beckett University