Digital Transformation

A new customers self-service portal

Delete have delivered above and beyond our expectations for a Digital Partner. The ease with which our customers can manage their accounts and energy consumption is testament to their best-in-class customer experience thinking, and our ongoing partnership will ensure we continue to provide our customers with the services they need, whilst being seen as a digital pioneer in the energy sector.

Lee Sutton
Managing Director, myenergi 


The new myenergi portal enables customers to seamlessly register and manage their accounts, whilst tracking their energy consumption. We’re now underway with a wider programme of work to implement additional UX improvements and advanced tracking across the whole site.

Sector leading self-service

Shining a light on myenergi, the visionary green energy company, with a new web application that empowers their customers to self-serve and transact online.


  • More and more customers creating myenergi accounts
  • Reduced customer service overheads
  • Creation of new revenue streams for the business
  • Increased interest in the myenergi brand and products.

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